Profesional Inmobiliario en Redmond, Washington Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Naiella Rose

Profesional Inmobiliario en Redmond, Washington Estados Unidos
Marrying twenty years of design experience with a lifetime in real estate, Naiella Englund is gifted at helping her clients achieve their real estate goals - staging and designing, selling and investing.

Born into a real-estate-savvy family with an exclusive West Coast rental property company, Naiella learned property management and investment from her father when she was a child. As soon as she was able, Naiella began building her own investment portfolio. After graduating from Brown University, she returned to the West Coast to manage the exclusive rental property company, which she did for over ten years.

In addition to her inherited investment and management skills, Naiella's work as an international fashion designer greatly enhances her talent as a realtor. Naiella uses her eye for detail and her sophisticated sense of design to help clients prepare their homes to sell or to discover the hidden beauty in an investment property.

By every account, Naiella is a delight to work with. She brings serenity to her clients through every step of sometimes-stressful real estate transactions, and is known to be responsive, sharp, and helpful. Her commitment to yoga gives her a strong sense of balance and a desire to serve. She loves putting her real estate prowess to work to deliver an enjoyable and successful experience to her clients.

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