Profesional Inmobiliario en Glenwood Springs, Colorado Estados Unidos
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Alisha Riddile

Profesional Inmobiliario en Glenwood Springs, Colorado Estados Unidos
As the oldest of four, Alisha was raised in northern California by her parents, Dr. Garry and Stacey Millard. She attended Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles County majoring in interpersonal and organizational communications, minoring in marketing. Before starting her post-college career, she was selected to teach English to adults in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. In 2012, Alisha relocated to New Castle to begin her life with her then-fiancé, Graham Riddile. 
Alisha separates herself from the pack with her unique experience in Human Resources. As the HR executive team leader for Target, Alisha was responsible for assisting in the management of 125 employees. It was during this time that she and Graham purchased their first home in New Castle in 2014. Interested in every aspect of the purchasing process, she began her studies through the Colorado Real Estate School. She is passionate about being able to work with people and finds great satisfaction in counseling her clients on what can be the largest purchase decision of their lives. She uses her past experience and education to help her listen to and support her clients, accurately discerning their needs. She believes in finding financially responsible investments for them and specializes in helping first-time homebuyers navigate through our area which can be more the difficult to find affordable options. It is this professional dedication to unparalleled service and marketing background that has quickly proven her success. 
In the last 18 months, Alisha has maintained the top sales broker for Riverpark in 2016 and is the youngest rookie to rank in the top ten for New Castle out of more than 200 Realtors. She approaches every situation from a different perspective and never compromises service to reach the goals her clients have. She believes that using a real estate agent should greatly enhance and benefit buying or selling a house and with her on your side the process will be seamless.
When not busy marketing or showing homes, Alisha can be found coaching at Elk Creek Elementary with Girls on the Run, teaching Sunday school, working with “Volunteer New Castle”, or assisting the Town of New Castle along with her husband, town councilor and father-in-law, Mayor. She also serves the Glenwood Springs Board of Realtors by coordinating the weekly broker tour and is on the Realtor scholarship fund committee and Realtor scholarship awardees.Find Your Home. Find Your Nest. Find Your Sanctuary.
214 Eighth Street
Suite 100, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 81601 Estados Unidos