Profesional Inmobiliario en Queenstown, Lagos Del Sur Nueva Zelanda
Real Estate Agent

Matt Finnigan

Profesional Inmobiliario en Queenstown, Lagos Del Sur Nueva Zelanda
Matt works in partnership with Russell Reddell in the Queenstown head office; a collaboration which has seen them negotiate some of the largest private property transactions in the market. Unlike other agents, their focus is predominantly on High Country Stations and Lifestyle properties throughout the South Island, rather than traditional residential real estate. This formidable team have a strong reputation and considerable track record of success. The combination of Matt’s background in property valuation and commercial leasing, with Russell’s business acumen and negotiation skills, make for a strong and well-balanced team. With considerable experience in high-end real estate, difficult transactions and hard-to-sell properties, Vendors often turn to this team to get results. Both Matt and Russell have lived in Queenstown for over 25 years, resulting in incredible local knowledge of the residential market. They are consequently regular sellers of the resort’s residential and lifestyle properties. Offering a discreet and savvy approach to all property transactions, market-leading knowledge and results at the top end of the iconic property sector, contribute to the ongoing success of this unique team. Matt and Russell have considerable experience in dealing with high-net-worth individuals and offer exceptional exposure to a large local and international database.
2nd Floor, Mountaineer Building, Crnr Shotover and Rees Streets, Queenstown, Lagos Del Sur, 9300 Nueva Zelanda