Profesional Inmobiliario en Stamford, Connecticut Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Ian Sharps

Profesional Inmobiliario en Stamford, Connecticut Estados Unidos
New York, Westchester and Connecticut and all towns in-between are the places he has played, worked and lived. Prior to joining the world of real estate, Ian was a Law Enforcement offical for the city of New York with an avid interest in criminal justice and law. Graduating with honors from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, he obtained a B.S. in Legal Studies and a Master's in Criminal Justice.

Ian began his real estate career in 2002 with residential sales. Quickly establishing a reputation for excellence among his peers and clients, he ventured into multi-use and commercial real estate, obtaining an extensive list of clients, referrals and contacts that set the course for him becoming the go-to person for those seeking advice in all aspects of buying and selling property in both New York and Connecticut.

Ian knew that being an expert in any profession was continually honing that expertise, and he did so by working with a renowed real estate coach for five years. That education proved to be one of his best investments.

Within three years, Ian has brokered multi-million dollar real estate transactions. From individuals to large scale developers, Ian's dedication to going above and beyond for his clients and colleagues has brought him enormous recognition and success - professionally and personally.

Ian's Motto: Giving my best is my mantra. Character builds INTEGRITY. "Success" isn't measured by multiple listings/ sales. It's dedication to ensuring each client feels as if he/she is comfortable with their decision to choose me as their agent. I know that I have to earn a client's trust and I do so humbly- with respect to their individual needs and deep understanding, knowledge of how to help them make the BEST decision.

3 Roxbury Road
Stamford, Connecticut, 06902 Estados Unidos