Profesional Inmobiliario en Westport, Connecticut Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Susan Vanech

Profesional Inmobiliario en Westport, Connecticut Estados Unidos
Since we left NYC, my husband and I have been buying and selling homes in this area for ten years. We have been incredibly successful even through the most difficult economic times. I have an abundance of experience in making deals happen that involve the efforts of builders, inspectors, banks, planning and zoning, the assessor's office, appraisers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, the department of conservation, the list goes on. I also have an instinct for understanding what sells, who's buying and why. When I analyze our success, it really boils down to the delicate balance of the art and the science of real estate matchmaking.

Most properties are acquired because somebody falls in love with them. I understand the strong emotions involved in making the most significant purchase of one's life. I understand the intense emotional journey while maintaining focus on maximizing the potential value in any transaction. I get to the heart of what my clients need and desire. I hear what they have to say, I educate and consult with them, I respect the individuality of each home search or sale.

I enjoy making the match. And everyone deserves a home. The right home. I have developed a unique system of ranking inventory and matching it to a clients extensive personalized profile in order to get to the heart of what an individual or a family is looking for, to guide them skillfully through the journey with confidence and ease and turning a potentially anxiety ridden experience into one of joy, excitement and success. It is a true thrill and honor to be a part of that. Whether I am working with first time buyers or indulging the connoisseurs of life, whether I am marketing a townhouse or an estate on the gold coast, the same time, care, attention and expertise goes into the process. I am a passionate per son and I love what I do. And I do it with all my heart.

199 Post Road East
Westport, Connecticut, 06880 Estados Unidos