Profesional Inmobiliario en West Vancouver, British Columbia Canadá
Real Estate Agent

Vivian Lin

Profesional Inmobiliario en West Vancouver, British Columbia Canadá
Exclusive Service, Exclusive Style. As I put the finishing touch on this bio, the month of October is drawing to a close. That can only mean one thing: it is nearly Halloween, a time to look forward to a trick or treat, and to enjoy being surprised by the unexpected lurking in the dark corners. The unexpected can be fun when it comes to Halloween, but it’s not what you are looking for when it comes to the important things, like making a real estate transaction. I have been working in real estate since 2001, and have worked for buyers, sellers, developers and investors as well as marketing and advertising companies. I have gained a unique prospective in what consumers really need to know and watch out for. My goal is to make the process of buying and selling a home a little less intimidating by giving you the ins and outs from all sides of the story. In my years of practicing real estate, I have closed thousands of deals from people buying and selling both residential and commercial properties. Information about buying and selling a home is readily available for free. Anyone can search the internet and get information from real estate companies, home builders and banks on the real estate process. The problem is that each and every one of those parties has a vested interest in you choosing them and their products, so you may never know if you have received all the information available to make the most knowledgeable decision. That’s the nature of business. You just need to be aware of who is giving you the information and why. I am not playing favorites. I am simply stating the truth. Remember – there are plenty of scary things in life, and real estate doesn’t have to be one of them. So I know you might not be ready to move yet, but if you have any home-related questions or concerns, or if you have family, friends and neighbors who do, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
235 – 15th Street
West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7T 2X1 Canadá