Profesional Inmobiliario en San Carlos, California Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Kat Bedbury

Profesional Inmobiliario en San Carlos, California Estados Unidos

Kathryn's passion for real estate began at the tender age of nine years old. Growing up in a world of challenge, Kathryn's mother would entertain Kathryn and her two siblings on the weekends with family outings to new home developments. Inspired by what she observed at the time, Kathryn remembered her childhood passion to one day become part of the real estate business.

Kathryn's early career found her engaged in the world of property management with two prominent multifamily housing developers. A twist of fate introduced her to the world of social work, primarily with offshoots of the County of Sacramento, where she developed some people skills that have served her well. Having married her husband, Bob, Kathryn moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003, where her true passion for real estate took root.

Using her ability to read people quickly and develop deep insights about them instinctively, she has been able to provide buyers and sellers alike with an experience far surpassing any they may have originally envisioned. The real heart of the Bedbury team, Kathryn's warm and authentic personality will surely delight even the most dubious spirit. Kathryn's passion to do it right™will shine through from the moment you first engage in a conversation with her.

Area Coverage: Silicon Valley 

Designación: Especialista certificado en gestión inmobiliaria internacional, Especialista inmobiliario sénior (SRES)
1250 San Carlos Avenue #101
San Carlos, California, 94070 Estados Unidos