Profesional Inmobiliario en Oakville, Ontario Canadá
Real Estate Agent

Janette Lourantos

Profesional Inmobiliario en Oakville, Ontario Canadá
Janette has a strong history of sales success, and in the last few years has expanded her team to include her tech-savvy son, Christo. Janette and her son focus on residential real estate, and enjoy the challenge of the industry, the emerging technology, and the fulfillment associated with finding the perfect property. One of the more rewarding facets of Janette’s career is helping families relocate to Canada. Janette has experience living in Canada, England and South Africa. Her broad knowledge of international real estate is a valuable asset to her international and relocating clients. Janette easily and effortlessly communicates the real estate transaction in Canada in terms that her clients can understand. Janette’s holistic approach to real estate puts her clients at ease, and they rest assured knowing that she will ensure a smooth transaction. Janette proves herself with a critical eye for market fluctuations, and her market knowledge. When speaking to Janette about the buying and selling process and how that has changed in 2015 she states: “ In 2015, the internet is the first place buyers and sellers look for information, but they need advice, they need a partner, they need a consultant, they need someone to tell them what are the right options, and where they might encounter the greatest risk” Janette is just that, a partner in real estate. Janette strives to create trust between herself and her clients, so that they can allow her to do the best job she can.
125 Lakeshore Road East
Suite 200, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1H3 Canadá