Profesional Inmobiliario en Montclair, Nueva Jersey Estados Unidos
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Ann McCarthy

Profesional Inmobiliario en Montclair, Nueva Jersey Estados Unidos
Like many others, I followed a friend to Montclair. It was 1998 and I was in Hoboken with my husband and one year old daughter, pregnant with our second. I loved Hoboken, and I was nervous leaving. My friend assured me Montclair had what we were looking for, so away we went. Here in Montclair, we have practically everything you could ask for, including a diverse population that makes every single thing about the town culturally rich. I have put two daughters through the fantastic public schools, taken countless dogs on adventures through the two magnificent reservations that flank our town, served on several boards and been involved in community groups that have given me a broad and far-reaching understanding of who my neighbors are. I can honestly say that, whoever you are . whatever you're looking for . there's some of it going on right here in Montclair. I've spent most of my working life in PR and marketing as a producer - mostly producing live events. There are few endeavors that require as much coordination, flexibility and cool-headedness. Moving is often a series of big decisions, which can be stressful. Not only am I happy to relieve you of that stress, but also I will call upon my bone-deep faith that things always work out and infect you with the kind of positivity that makes even the most unpredictable situations a delightful adventure. I'm a People Person with a glass-is-half-full outlook. Someone recently asked me what I thought my "superpower" was and I immediately said, "my sense of humor. Why is this valuable in a real estate transaction? Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home intrinsically understands the answer to that.
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Montclair, Nueva Jersey, 07042 Estados Unidos