Profesional Inmobiliario en Montreux, Vaud Suiza
Real Estate Agent

Romana Masson

Profesional Inmobiliario en Montreux, Vaud Suiza
A dynamic architecture graduate in my forties, a mother of two and passionate about the field of construction, I became – some years later – a sales specialist. A professional in the field, I have developed a network in the region, from the Riviera to the Chablais Valais. Responsive, available and empathetic, my goal is to provide excellence service, while creating a climate of trust, and basing myself on excellent product knowledge. I know how to enhance the worth of your property, develop your project, transform or expand your property, not only to satisfactorily complete the sale of your property, but also to ensure the happiness of the buyers.
Designación: Agente inmobiliario
Rue du Théâtre 7 bis
Montreux, Vaud, 1820 Suiza