Profesional Inmobiliario en Cincinnati, Ohio Estados Unidos
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Perrin March

Profesional Inmobiliario en Cincinnati, Ohio Estados Unidos
Perrin March has been inviting you to "Get Inside Cincinnati's Finest Homes" for more than two decades. He is among the region's top-selling luxury home specialists, and the go-to Realtor® for homeowners selling properties of distinction and buyers seeking noteworthy homes.

Perrin has represented many of the Queen City's most recognizable and beloved properties throughout his career, along the way earning a reputation for unparalleled marketplace expertise, proactive marketing, inspired use of technology and social media, and providing the personal attention that luxury home buyers and sellers deserve. A Cincinnati native, Perrin has a local's knowledge of the region's neighborhoods and homes, and the inside track on homes currently available and coming soon.

EVERY HOME HAS A STORY TO TELL. The sales process begins for Perrin with extensive research into each home's history, its architectural style and construction details, as well as the families who have lived there. He expertly weaves the home's story into its listing. Through well established relationships with media, the story is retold in the region's most widely read publications where it becomes part of Cincinnati's cultural fabric-and where it reaches a wide audience of qualified buyers. Perrin's listings have been featured in some of the world's most influential news, luxury lifestyle and financial publications, such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Week, and Money magazine.

THE ART OF SELLING. Perrin raises selling to an art form-a unique combination of astute business sense and creative flair. His style is traced to two early influences in his life. His father, Perrin March III, ran the family's machine tool business for 70 years, and was well respected in Cincinnati for his uncompromising integrity, business acumen and work ethic. Perrin's mother, Maud Rydin March, is an acclaimed artist whose large, evocative tapestries have been exhibited at leading museums, including the Cincinnati Art Museum.

LUXURY HOME SPECIALIST: Perrin's array of specialty services include home staging, professional photography, and high-end marketing across an array of platforms-from web-based and social media to print publications and elegantly designed collateral materials that showcase each home's unique characteristics.

WINNING PHILOSOPHY. Perrin excels in patience. He believes in honesty, trust, being genuine and taking the time to ensure his clients' happiness. These traits, along with his marketplace expertise, have earned Perrin repeat business and referrals-and are the reason discerning homeowners throughout Greater Cincinnati seek him out to tell their homes' stories.

"The very best real estate experience I can deliver is the result of honest and open communication, a passion for what I do, and the ability to anticipate and meet clients' needs."--Perrin March.

2724 Observatory Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45208 Estados Unidos