Palace on English Embankment
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Acerca de Palace on English Embankment

This 18th century palace is a historic building located on the English Embankment in St.-Petersburg - one of the city's grand facades stretching from Senate Square to the shipbuilding wharves. First the palace belonged to Duke Trubetskoy, one of Peter the Great’s favourite companions, then the palace changed its noble owners several times until it was nationalized in 1917. The palace facades and interiors have been recently renovated and restored. The Hermitage restoration workshops and the State Museum of the History of St.-Petersburg have taken part in the restoration works – the fact that testifies to the high quality of the works carried out. As a result 15 historical interiors and damaged facades have been restored. The magnificent palace features Entrance Hall with staircase interiors and ceiling plaster, turquois Swan Hall called so thanks to the plaster frieze with swan heads, indoor garden, fountain, Negotiation Hall with a fireplace and a partly glass ceiling, Stillroom with windows overlooking the Neva, decorated with tooled leather and painted in gold - its oak caisson ceiling is adorned with colourful floral ornament against golden background; Golden Living-room with a scarlet niche-alcove served earlier as a prayer room, its icons are kept in the Hermitage now. The Armoury Gallery, the Hunting Room, the White Hall, the Knights Hall…A special attention should be paid to the Gothic Hall which is a wonderful example of the Neo-Gothic architecture in the St.-Petersburg palace construction. Being the owner of this magnificent property, you’ll be able to enjoy the romantic interiors of the palace, its strap-work and fan vaults for a long, long time. The palace comprises representative rooms with historical interiors (953 sqm), office space (859 sqm), café-canteen area (174 sqm), sauna (65 sqm). The building is equipped with the central air intake, outlet and air conditioning system.

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