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Historic Castles

Historic CastlesKeys to the Castle

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If there’s one type of real estate that can be called aspirational, a castle would surely be it. Castles are the stuff of fairy tales, myths and legends. But for an elite few, they’re also attainable trophy properties.

Owners will tell you that castles are for those who take pleasure in beautiful things, most notably art and architecture. Castles are repositories for hundreds-year-old frescos, chapels, stained glass and state-of-the-art security measures--circa 1600, that is--like moats and drawbridges for staving off invading hoarders.

Thousands of castles, historic manor homes and chateaus still stand, and in any given year hundreds of castles are for sale around the globe. Germany, England, France and Italy comprise the biggest markets. The properties may be conspicuous, but available properties are often offered under the radar to protect the privacy of its owners. Fixer-uppers can be had for under $1 million. At the other end, prices for renovated estates require a king’s ransom.

Some are surprisingly accessible, not far from major cities and outfitted with private helipads. Others sit on thousands of acres in remote countrysides, making them virtually paparazzi-proof.

Castles have as many stories and quirks as they have rooms. Hidden cellars and escape tunnels are not unheard of. Most of have been overhauled many times over with the most astonishing properties a magical marriage of the Renaissance Age with the Technology Age making them spectacularly livable.

Large-scale entertaining and meeting space are among the benefits for those who aspire to own their personal version of Versailles. Some municipalities make funds available for restorations and even offer tax exemptions if the property is opened up to the public from time to time. Of course, these elite palaces are not for every buyer. With a historic structure comes great upkeep and responsibility. And the pool for potential buyers is relatively small so it’s not an investment that is easily dissolved. Then again, neither is the idea of having one’s own kingdom.

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