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Will Seale

chuyên gia bất động sản tại Dallas, Texas
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Will Seale's calling to a real estate career took root early in his life. Reflecting on his childhood, he remembers reading the housing section of the daily newspaper while his father sipped coffee and chuckled at the comics. "I'd always see something I wanted to sell to my parents so we could move."

Growing up in a 19th-century row house in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, Will used to dream of moving to a new house with a big yard along a shady suburban street full of kids. He looks back, however, and realizes that his childhood home significantly influenced his upbringing and his values today. Reflecting now on the home he shares with his wife and two children in University Park, he understands how every home contains an important part of a life story. "Today we live in a newer house with a big yard along a shady suburban street full of kids," he laughs, "but I wouldn't go back and change where I grew up. I'd just go back and install air conditioning."

Will was raised with the belief that choosing the right home is one of the most important decisions in life. "It is from that perspective that I find great meaning and importance in the work I do for my clients. Even if they don't live there forever, they'll drive by their old house after church on Sundays with their children, and later with their grandchildren. It's an honor to be a part of that."

Committed to meeting clients' goals, he does so with remarkable calm, talent, work ethic and perspective. Clients and agents in the market find Will's amiable personality easy to work with, and his dedication and detail-oriented approach has resulted in scores of successful transactions and a loyal clientele.

Will holds a Bachelor of Arts from SMU and an MBA from the University of Mississippi.

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