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Naresh Mistry

chuyên gia bất động sản tại Heathrow, Florida
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Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Naresh Mistry moved to England, UK at the age of 11. After excelling in school, graduating with honors in Mathematics and a Master's in Information Technology, his education was put to good use in a lengthy corporate career managing very large and complex projects in IT. A resident of the Orlando area since 1989, Naresh, now a 10 year veteran, has built a very successful career in real estate working every aspect of the industry representing banks, investors, sellers, buyers and businesses in both the residential and commercial market.

An optimist by nature, Naresh is also a deeply spiritual and philosophical person. He is well respected for being an honest, hard working family man, who does everything in his power to ensure his client's success. Having been extensively exposed to people and cultures on multiple continents and different walks of life, Naresh has an innate ability to listen attentively to his clients without judgment and only offering his thoughtful opinions and solutions after fully understanding his clients' objectives. That together with his ability to articulate the facts as they are without any hidden agenda immediately wins over the trust and respect of his clients. It is these qualities together with his professionalism, expertise, and work ethic that has led to a business foundation which thrives on repeat business and personal referrals from his loyal clientele.

Please free to call Naresh anytime - no obligations - and check him out for yourself.

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