chuyên gia bất động sản tại Bend, Oregon Hoa Kỳ
Real Estate Agent

Bruce Lilleston

chuyên gia bất động sản tại Bend, Oregon Hoa Kỳ
Licensed in the state of Oregon.Bruce migrated from California to Oregon 21 years ago and has never looked back! In his younger days, restaurant work truly molded his diverse personality. Achieving the distinction of Head Chef in an Italian restaurant wa s the pinnacle of his cooking career at 19 years old. A few years as a Carpenter followed and then a big opportunity unfolded. For the next 28 years, Bruce held a Commercial Drivers License and performed Route Delivery and Sales. Pepsi Cola, Budweiser, Foster Farms, Knudsen, Chevron & Mobile were the brands Bruce proudly represented through those years. Always choosing to be in the service to others has been the cornerstone of his belief in life.Strongly believing that "positive" is the easiest and most productive path, Bruce brings all of these talents, personalities and beliefs to his present career as a proud Central Oregon Realtor. To know him is to love him and he will not settle for anything less!!
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650 SW Bond Street
Suite 100, Bend, Oregon, 97702 Hoa Kỳ