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Albert Niels

chuyên gia bất động sản tại Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Born in Belgium, raised in Switzerland; I moved in Fort Lauderdale in 1980 and have been a Realtor since 1985. Fluent in English and French, proficient in German, Italian and Spanish, it allows me to cater to clients from all over the world. I do specialize in international relations with European clients, mainly from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and lately Countries such as Russia, Croatia, and other Eastern European Countries. Whether you are looking for a home, an apartment or an office building, a warehouse, a hotel, restaurant or just a dock for your boat, all you have to do is ask and I will deliver. My focus is on providing the highest quality of service so that you will find it a comfortable process. Rest assured that together we will find the property of your dreams at the best conditions and in the shortest amount of time. If you desire, I will be happy to provide you with information regarding the marketplace, pricing and preparing your home for sale and the selling process. When you are ready to sell, I would welcome the opportunity to represent you. Please contact me should you have any question or if you would like a free comparative market analysis on your property.

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