chuyên gia bất động sản tại Montclair, New Jersey Hoa Kỳ
Real Estate Agent

Ann Arndt

chuyên gia bất động sản tại Montclair, New Jersey Hoa Kỳ
I was enamored with all the Montclair/Caldwell area had to offer when my husband and I returned here after living in South America. Then as now, Montclair's beautiful variety of housing and proximity to NYC continues to be an attraction. It has been a great place for us to work and raise our family for the past 30 years. Happily, our children love it too and have decided this is the best place to start their careers and families. Buying or selling a home is a major investment of time, money, and energy. My goal is to successfully navigate this important process with you, making it as seamless as possible. Whether you are ready to start searching for your dream home or are unsure of where to begin, I am confident I can help. In my career as a designer and teacher, I had the experience of working with a wide range of people locally and internationally. I've developed a strong problem-solving expertise, able to quickly access clients' needs and resolve their problems. I take the time to understand the specifics of a challenge, sorting out the steps necessary for the appropriate resolution. Customer service is in my DNA, and my actions are always guided by your best interest. My tenacious attention to detail, ability to anticipate needs, and timely responsiveness serve my clients well. The Montclair area offers many opportunities to volunteer and plug in to civic affairs. Personally, I have served on library, school and church boards. The Salvation Army and IHN are just two of the local organizations I continue to support. Photography has become a more recent passion. I love to sing, and am a member of two local choral groups. All of this is possible because we live in this wonderful area!
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32 Valley Road
Montclair, New Jersey, 07042 Hoa Kỳ