Via della Lastra Firenze, Florence, 50139 Ý

Bright apartment with private garden
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Giới thiệu : Via della Lastra, Firenze, Florence

Bright apartment of 300 sqm consisting of three living rooms connected to each other, respectively hall, living room and dining room, kitchen, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms . Staff quarter consisting of a bedroom, bathroom and ironing room - wardrobe. Elevator. The property includes a garage and a cellar. Beautiful roof garden of about 300 sqm, with the possibility to increase the area. Stunning 360° view over the city of Florence .


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Piazza San Firenze, 2
Firenze, Florence, Italy   
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Giới thiệu : Florence

The likes of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Leonard da Vinci have left their genius on Florence, the Tuscan capital that can feel like an open-air museum. The city that is the birthplace of the Renaissance is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Art flourishes in its churches, bridges and squares.

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