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Bruxelles I Quartier Sablon
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Giới thiệu : Bruxelles I Quartier Sablon, Brussels, Brussels

In the heart of the Sablon place and its famous shops, splendid apartment of ± 110 m² located on the fourth floor of a beautiful Art Deco building.

It consists of a large living area opening into balconies, a fully equipped blue stone kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom with separate shower lava stone and mosaic.

The Sablon is a charming and typical Brussels neighborhood. With known brands, it is famous for its beautiful buildings, numerous shops, restaurants and transportation facilities.

For any further information, please contact Rodolphe du Bois d’Aische at +32 (0)2 640 08 01.


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Avenue Louise 200
Brussels, Brussels   
­Rodolphe du Bois d'Aische
Điện Thoại: ­+32 484 198 080
Điện Thoại: ­+32 2 640 08 01
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Giới thiệu : Brussels

Since World War II, Brussels, Belgium, has emerged as a power city, the epicenter of global politics. It’s the effective capital of the European Union, home to the EU’s main base of operations, as well as the headquarters of NATO.

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