12K Park Terraces Makati, Luzon, 1226 Philippines

Three Bedroom Park Terraces
  • $2,979 
    Hàng tháng/ĐÔ LA MỸ
    Php150,000 PHP
    Hàng tháng/Philippines Pesos

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Giới thiệu : 12K Park Terraces, Makati, Luzon

Located at the Eastern side is a park which also serves as a pedestrian access to Glorietta. Park Terraces basement parking will have an underground connection to the basement parking system of Ayala Center. This gives residents the choice of multiple access points to and from main Makati City thoroughfares. Park Terraces is a prime residential complex in the redeveloping Ayala Center. Its Ayala Center address provide residents convenience and luxuries within reach.

This 3 Bedroom Unit is one of the best because of its modern contemporary design that will surely be much appreciated by people looking for a great location in Makati. Achieving an elegant inspired interior design is a great way to make your condominium look bigger than its actual space. A lot of people likes the design because it portrays a clean, efficient and the nudes are very relaxing to the human eye.


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  • Máy điều hòa không khí
  • Ban công
  • Quầy điểm tâm
  • Người giữ cửa
  • Thang máy
  • Mặt bàn bếp bằng đá hoa cương
  • Hồbơi
  • Hệ thống an ninh
  • Sàn gạch
  • Đi bộ trong Tủ
  • Xe lăn truy cập
  • Hệ thống liên lạc nội bộ
  • Phòng cho người giúp việc
  • Máy giặt Included
  • Máy sấy Included
  • Hồ bơi ngoài trời
  • Thành phố Strip xem
  • Phone Jacks
  • Cable
  • Designer Kitchen
  • Bidet
  • Generator
  • Blinds
  • Stall Shower
  • No Heat
  • Concierge Services
  • Cộng đồng người lớn tuổi
  • Hồbơi (s)
  • Lối đi bộ
  • Cổng có bảo vệ
  • Loại đường truy cập
  • Thànhphố / Thị trấn Phố
  • Mixed
  • Concrete Block

Giới thiệu : Philippines

The people of the Philippines, a southwest Asian culture by way of Spanish and American colonial influences, share a tight-knit communal nature. The Filipino term for it is bayanihan. The spirit of kinship is pervasive in this conservative, multicultural nation.

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