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The Meridian, Seven Mile Beach
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Giới thiệu : The Meridian #7 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Daily vacation rental, no long term tenancies.

#7 The Meridian is one of the finest beach resort vacation rentals you will find on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. Seven Mile Beach is by far the best beach resort location in the Cayman Islands and #7 The Meridian is the perfect match offering the decor and decadence you would expect at The Ritz-Carlton for a fraction of the price. Beware as one of the most popular vacation rental apartments at The Meridian you will need to book well in advance to secure this popular condo for your Caribbean dream holiday. #7 Meridian is a south corner end unit on the 2nd floor, the south side being adjacent to Turtle Run a private residence. The Meridian has an ocean front pool, beach front cabanas, bbq's and a fitness centre. Not only does it hold a prime position on Seven Mile Beach but it is in easy walking distance of Grand Cayman's finest restaurants.


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Governor’s Square Seven Mile Beach
George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands   
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Vacation rental

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  • Ban công
  • Quầy điểm tâm
  • Sàntàu
  • Máy rửa chén
  • Thang máy
  • Mặt bàn bếp bằng đá hoa cương
  • Hồbơi
  • Tủ lạnh
  • Chiếu trong hiên
  • Đi bộ trong Tủ
  • Máy giặt Included
  • Máy sấy Included
  • Hồ bơi ngoài trời
  • Bath - Jacuzzi Tub
  • Stall Shower And Tub
  • Bờbiển
  • Dạidương
  • Gần mặt nước
  • Mặt tiền nhìn ra biển
  • Bờbiển Trướcmặt
  • Double Pane / Storm Windows
  • Exterior Description - Bbq

Giới thiệu : Quần Đảo Cayman

Of the three Islands surrounded by glistening turquoise waters that make up the Cayman Islands, the largest, Grand Cayman, is where the action is. This thriving tropical paradise is not just a tax-free haven known for off-shore banking and international finance. Grand Cayman is heralded for its year-round summer weather, excellent diving and snorkeling, scant crime and a well-planned infrastructure.

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