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Cannon Beach is the premiere coastal destination in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. At just over an hour from Portland and just over three hours from Seattle, the area experiences an influx of over one million visitors per year from locations around the world. Not bad for a town with full time resident population under 2,000!

Given surrounding topography and bordering State Parks, the town of Cannon Beach has very little room for further growth. This, along with stringent planning guidelines, have helped to keep real estate values strong. The town is often referred to as a "village," with an attention to scale, use of materials, and a noticeable lack of "big city" chains. You will have to go 10 miles north for your Starbucks fix, and fast food does not exist here...

Moving back to the area after five years in the San Francisco Bay Area, founder Farzahn Kamali recognized the opportunity for a new brand to assist the sophisticated clientelle that were discovering this coastal jewell. He located Kamali & Company, Inc. in the prime stretch of the commercial district, and quickly became the leader for sales in the Cannon Beach market, with most of the area high end activity seeking out his services.

Over the past five years, top producing agents in the Cannon Beach and nearby Arch Cape markets have joined forces with Kamali, further solidifying market share and breadth of services offered. Our transition to Sotheby's International Realty was a natural progression for a strong regional brand looking for unparalleled international exposure. We now have an additional office in the Manzanita market, just 15 miles south of Cannon Beach, and will be opening in the Gearhart market (15mi north) in July, 2011.

Please reach out to any of our outstanding brokers if you are considering buying or selling on the North Oregon Coast. You will find any of our teams in the Cannon Beach, Manzanita, or Gearhart area markets to be experienced and motivated, and with access to marketing channels unparalleled in the industry.

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