Sweden Sotheby's International Realty

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Stockholm, Thụy Điển­ 
Sweden Sotheby's International Realty
Karlavägen 81 Stockholm, Stockholm, 11459 Thụy Điển
Tạo Chỉ Dẫn
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    +46 8 545 80 000
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    Tiếng Anh,
    Tiếng Pháp,
    Tiếng Đức,
    Tiếng Thụy Điển
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    ất động sản cổ,
    Mới xây dựng,
    Thuộc tính Waterfront,
    Nôngtrại & Ranch tính

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When we meet you for the first time - perhaps when you're about to buy your first apartment- we regard that meeting as the start of a long friendship. It may sound obvious, but we believe in satisfied clients. We like nothing better than when a previous buyer or seller rings us up for our expert advice on a new matter. That's when we know we've done a good job. We like to develop a lifelong relationship with every client, to go through life's various phases together - from your apartment in town to your detached house in the leafy suburbs, your dream home by the sea, up to the day when you might inherit a property that you need help to dispose of. Most things in life come down to trust. In our closest personal relationships, in the way we bring up our children, or in our relationship with you. That's what we say when someone asks us about our philosophy. We say that we think in the long term, that we prefer lasting relationships and that the best thing we know is a solid foundation of trust. We've noticed that it goes a long way. Best, Lars Andersson, CEO

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