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No where in the world is there a more magical city than New Orleans. You will be impressed to see the character, the charm, the beauty of a wonderful place full of the best music, architecture, people, culture, and food, that has germinated the most wondrous muscians, artists, writers, and chefs of America. Our city has already made great strides toward recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Our company intends to be an integral part of the continuing rebirth of New Orleans as we work to fully rebuild our homes and communities. At our web site you can visit some of the best real estate opportunities and most unique properties. The agents and staff that make up this firm are a wonderful combination of people who call New Orleans home and are committed to making it a more special place. You can ask them about any aspect of the city or its politics. Our office at 2340 Dauphine Street is open for business weekdays from 9 AM - 5 PM. You may call us at (504) 944-3605 or fax us at (504) 948-3401. The focus of this firm is investments in New Orleans. However, our expertise spreads through River Road plantations all the way toward Woodville, Natchez, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and to Folsom and its surroundings. When working with the individuals in this firm you will join a large family of satisfied clients who become repeat customers. Dorian Bennett Sotheby's International Realty continually lists properties ranging from grand mansions and Victorian gingerbread homes to sleek modern penthouses and properties ideal for renovation and redevelopment. We also offer a complete property management service to help you maximize your real estate investments. Once you acquire your investment from this firm, you can depend on the in-house management professionals for its future care.

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Dorian Bennett Sotheby's International Realty
2340 Dauphine Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 Hoa Kỳ   
Văn phòng: ­+1 504.944.3605­

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