Chemin Ross Harrington
Harrington, Quebec J8G 2T1 Canada 

Về Chemin Ross Harrington

Mountain top hunt preserve with exceptional view of the mountains. A Beautiful log home, loft above garage. Pool, huge terrasse, BBQ shed, generator, cache hunter, beekeeping equipment, trails and more. ONLY SOLD WITH MLS 12816263, the 2 properties area is 84.8 acres. Notarized access to Blue Lake. Stand-by Power: A 20 Kw electric generator ensures complete autonomy of the house and powers the water heater, heating, refrigerator in the loft over the garage. Entertain your friends and family: A huge wooden deck allows a large group to enjoy the beauty of the panorama, the pool and all that space brilliantly equipped for garden parties. The pool is one of the most original part of this amazing property: made out of the Laurentian granite exposed, it beautifully invites you to relax. In the basement of the residence is a billiard room, its wooden tile acoustical ceiling keeping the noise with players. Huge garage 28' x 26', an immense workshop, or both. Garage doors on both sides of the building allowing unrestricted movement. The second floor of the garage is a nice loft, a nice home with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room open with slow combustion fireplace. Here are many activities and fun! Hiking trails meander through the property, just perfect for your hiking, biking or snowmobiling. Several caches for hunters are perched atop gigantic pine poles. Make your own honey: The site includes an installation of beekeeping (a apiary) protected from bears fond of golden honey with a wire mesh fence. A garden for your enjoyment: next to the house, fenced to make it safe from hungry deers. Your own smoking house: enjoy your homemade smoked meat. Behold the sight of this beautiful nature deployed before your eyes, look at the mountains, the seasons, the sunsets. Every hour and every day is new. Entertain your senses!

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  • Sân Tennis
  • Phòng chơi Billiard
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Herbert Ratsch
Điện Thoại: ­+1.819.681.7557 ext.312­
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1944 Chemin du Village
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec J8E 1K4 Canada   

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