Picturesque Paarl Wine Farm
Paarl, Western Cape 7646 Nam Mỹ 

Về Picturesque Paarl Wine Farm

A special wine style farm on the southern mountain slopes of the Paardeberg with beautiful vistas. The 56 hectare farm has been planted with 25 hectares of premium grape cultivars, has plenty of water sources and a dam. In addition there is a beautiful 6 bedroom character homestead, an old barn which could easily be converted to a wedding facility as well as labourers' houses and the usual farm outbuildings. The farm is sold as a running concern with all equipment and implements. Water: 10 hectares water rights from Bergriver and 1 large, registered dam (run off from mountain) Irrigation: 25 hectare drip and micro irrigation. Utilization of land: 25 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and Nouvelle grapes

Tiện Nghi

  • Kho thóc / Chuồng gia súc
  • Vườn riêng
  • Sàn bằng gỗ cứng
  • Phòng người làm
  • Hàng hiên / Không gian ngoài trời
  • Hầm chứa rượu
  • Garage cho 4 xe
  • Nhìn ra núi
  • Vườn nho
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In Tờ Bướm Quảng Cáo
Danie Hauptfleisch
Điện Thoại: ­021 870 1011­
113 Main Road
Paarl, Western Cape 7646
South Africa

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