Licensed Real Estate Salesperson 在 萨拉托贾斯普林斯, 纽约州 美国
Real Estate Agent

Zealie Van Raalte

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson 在 萨拉托贾斯普林斯, 纽约州 美国
Zealie has successfully been assisting clients with their real estate transactions for over 16 years. He is highly organized, quick thinking, very persistent and has strong analytical skills. His strategic marketing orientation along with his problem solving ability provides a unique combination of experience to help you with your real estate transactions.

Zealie earned his BA in Economics from Lake Forest College, Lake Forest IL and his MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, New York NY. Since then, Zealie has had over 45 years of sales and marketing experience in a wide range of different business situations: product management and advertising, commercial printing, a food franchise, marketing consulting and real estate sales. His various product management positions include those with major consumer product package goods companies such as Nestle and Sterling Drug. He later switched to the service end of the business working for a couple of major Madison Avenue advertising agencies in account management.  For seven years Zealie was a partner in a commercial printing company, and then he and his wife owned and operated the Great Harvest Bread Company franchise in their hometown of Larchmont NY. After they closed their store, Zealie became associated with a major regional real estate firm.  

In the fall of 2001, Zealie and his wife Susan relocated to Saratoga Springs. They initially rented a house. Shortly after moving in, they were shown a parcel of land just outside of town on Lake Lonely. They jumped at the opportunity to acquire this unique property. Working with local architects, they helped to design and build their “dream house.” In spite of the snow, they’re delighted that they made the move.

Zealie has always appreciated the real value of being associated with the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and all it has to offer. A seasoned and experienced agent, his level of commitment to his clients and vast wealth of industry knowledge give him an educated and informed approach to his Real Estate business.

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