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The history of this house is intimately linked to the history of the nobility of the northern department and more specifically in the families of "La Ramière" and "De Malet." The "La Ramière" are Protestants in the sixteenth century and are especially lieutenants of Gaspard de Coligny, the Huguenot leader against whom the famous "night of St. Bartholomew" in 1572 was largely directed. The family of "La Ramière" decided to convert to Catholicism during the reign of Henri IV. In 1789, the French Revolution did not significantly affect the Dordogne, it must be said that this revolution was primarily urban, the La Ramière pass this period without losing territories. In 1870, a huge fire destroyed the castle, the question was asked either to build a new one or restore the old one. The lady of the time decides to dispose of some of its land to finance the construction of a new castle, including a thirty rooms on models of the house of a friend of hers who owned a castle eighteenth century in Touraine. Subsequently, the marriages have made the De Malet masters of the place, they continue to live in the castle until the 1960s.

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  • 網球場
  • 硬木地板
  • 私人湖泊
  • 馬廄
  • 員工宿舍
  • 3 Fireplaces
  • 5 車位以上車庫
  • 葡萄酒釀造園
  • 鄉村俱樂部社區
  • Hobby Farm
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