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Rhodes 17th Century Mansion
Lindos, Rhodes, Dodecanese, Aegean Other Southern Aegean, 愛海琴南部 85101 希臘 

關於 Lindos, Rhodes, Dodecanese, Aegean

This grand Lindian Mansion is perhaps the most beautiful of all the traditional properties located in the very heart of Lindos. It is an amazing example of medieval architecture which has been rebuilt in various historical periods. Entering the property under a spectacular stone arcade, surrounded by high stone walls, the majestic garden will certainly impress. Whilst enjoying refreshments in the lovely dining corner you will be surrounded by colourful flowers, lush plants, fig trees, and age-old grapevines. The result is an enchanting and completely private sanctuary which is unrivalled in Lindos.The stone Mansion is built on three levels: on the ground floor is a spacious vaulted sala decorated with antique furniture, local crafts and paintings. The mansion's floors are still paved with koklaki andndash; small white and black pebbles in different patterns. On the other side of the sala, a wooden platform invites guests to sit and relax. From the courtyard, a stone stairway leads up to the bedrooms and onto a beautiful covered terrace featuring stone columns and splendid views of the garden. The master bedroom is completely surrounded by magnificent wooden armoires from floor to ceiling and the lighting is from pretty lamps. Accessible by an outdoor staircase, the third floor, also known as the "Tower Room", houses another bedroom with a roof terrace and extensive views.The house has hosted many important guests throughout the years, and since its last renovation in the 60's, this one of a kind property has been featured in world wide architectural magazines and a Hollywood movie.


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