Leben in Peru

Iyna Bort Caruso

Peru is a culturally rich nation rooted in the Amerindian and Spanish traditions.

Its art, literature and cuisine are a reflection of its multiethnic and historic origins.

Structures date back centuries. Its most famous and mysterious is the ruin of Machu Picchu, the 15th century Inca complex that in 2007 was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Peru is known for the warmth of its people, a solid health care system--and ceviche, the marinated fish classic that is its national dish. Fast-growing and political stable, Peru offers good real estate value. Amenity-rich condominiums, penthouses and sprawling estates are significantly more affordable than in most South American countries. With a few stipulations, international buyers are free to invest.

The country’s geography is diverse. This Andean nation is among the few on Earth that has a subtropical coastal region of sunny beaches, the snow-capped Andes mountains and the tropical jungle terrain of the Amazon rainforest year round. The Peruvian Amazon covers as much as 60 percent of the land.

The capital of Lima was founded under the name the City of Kings. It is Peru’s largest city by far. The urban landscape of this gateway city, more than 400 years old, is an amalgam of pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern architecture. 

The garden district of Miraflores overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Trendy yet traditional, Miraflores is the site of high profile, high end luxury development. Upscale San Isidro, a business, financial and diplomatic center, features attractive residential properties, parks and golf courses. Pacific views and colonial architecture draw homeowners to the seaside resort of Barranco. It is also a stronghold of artists and surfers. La Molina, perched on a hilltop of Lima, is a low-density community of large homes with lush gardens and swimming pools. It is especially popular with expat families, local celebrities and political figures.

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