Amy Ryan’s Favorite Things

Amy Ryan’s Favorite Things

The Actress On The Coffee Maker She Uses Daily, The Japanese Dolls She’s Had Since She Was A Child, And More

Hollywood has long been enamored with Amy Ryan. The actress has done it all, from gritty fare like Gone Baby Gone (for which she earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination) to offbeat comedy (The Office’s Michael Scott finally met his match in her goofy Holly Flax). But the star’s heart belongs firmly to New York. “I love that there’s a story on every corner,” says Ryan, who grew up in Flushing, Queens. Ryan’s latest project, Netflix’s Lost Girls, is based on the unsolved murders of a series of Long Island sex workers, and was filmed a stone’s throw from the actual crime scenes.

Amy Ryan’s

Ryan plays Mari Gilbert, a mother doggedly fighting to find her missing daughter. Given the solemn subject matter, Ryan was especially thankful to find comfort at home after a long day. “I’m kind of a homebody. Well, not kind of, I am a homebody,” says the actress, 50, who today shares an airy, prewar Brooklyn Heights apartment with her husband, writer/director Eric Slovin, and their 10-year-old daughter. While her building is vintage, her apartment maintains a contemporary appeal, thanks to the previous owners’ alterations, which removed walls and opened up the space. “It has a bit of a loftlike feeling, but the lines and the moldings and details are still there,” she says.

It’s also filled with well-loved items that speak to the actress’ homey yet high-end taste.

1. Josef Frank Fabric

“One of my favorite things is our kitchen banquette, which is covered in a Josef Frank fabric. It’s so bright and colorful. In the morning, it just puts me in a good mood and gives me energy. It’s funny to say that, but it does. It’s a little happy corner to sit in.”

Josef Frank Fabric
Nesting Dolls

2. Nesting Dolls

“When I was a kid, I loved nesting dolls. My mother brought two little dolls back from Japan, and I still have them. The tiniest one is barely a quarter of an inch tall, and I’m always so afraid that I’m going to lose them, but I haven’t in over 40 years. I’m very devoted to them and I look after them.”

3. Vintage Telephone

“I still have a landline, which is strange, I know, but I have it because we have grandmother’s old phone—and it still works! It’s so loud, and it has this great ring.”

Vintage Telephone
Jay Batlle Art

4. Jay Batlle Art

“In the series we own, he’s taken a menu and created a picture, a story, on top. I can think of a thousand stories of why his head is bowed in the position it’s in. I just find this little guy so moving.”

5. Chris Jondle Bench

“[We] buy things because we like them, but if we can support friends who are artists, it’s a bonus. We have this beautiful bench made by our furniture maker friend, Chris, from Brooklyn Custom Furniture. We use it every single day.”

Chris Jondle Bench
Le Creuset Cookware and French Press

6. Le Creuset Cookware and French Press

“I rely on my blue Le Creuset pot quite a bit. I also use their coffee press every morning, usually with Gregorys Coffee. The kitchen is a nice meditative place to be.”

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