Real Estate Professional in Santa Fe, New Mexico United States
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Phillip Coombs

Real Estate Professional in Santa Fe, New Mexico United States
Phillip Coombs is interested in the aesthetics of design and the beauty of a home well-built. He spent his childhood in the Pennsylvania countryside roaming the fields and the Amish barns. He marveled at the complexity of the hay barn which was achieved with simple tools and methods.

During his high school years, to gain muscle and get a sun tan, Phillip spent his summers working with a building contractor. These early experiences planted the seeds that would mature into a lifelong passion with design, developing and selling properties.

When the Mamas & the Papas sang about California Dreamin', Phillip took the bait and moved to Malibu, California in 1972. Earning his General Building Contractors license and then his California Real Estate Brokers license, he opened "The Home Team" brokerage on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu in 1978.

In pursuit of southwest style in the late 70s, he traveled to Santa Fe to purchase vigas and artifacts to use in his Malibu homes. Falling in love with the art and romance of Santa Fe, Phillip made the move from California to New Mexico in 1993 and married in 1997. Son Austin was born a Santa Fean in 1998.

Over the course of a long career, Phillip has been a licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado, California and New Mexico. He has worked with discerning buyers and sellers, understanding their lifestyle choices and residential needs. His development work has been published in Japan, Germany, Italy, France and the USA. The City of Santa Fe honored him with an "Historic Preservation Award", and the Santa Fe Haciendas " Parade of Homes have awarded his homes in numerous categories.

Phillip’s years of developing and selling unique real estate in some of the most desirable locations of the west including Malibu, Santa Barbara, Crested Butte and Santa Fe, has given him an expert understanding of property from the ground up. He would like the opportunity to put that knowledge to work when you are considering selling or buying your next home.

When Phillip is not building or selling real estate, he can be found in his multi-car garage fiddling with vintage sports cars of the 1960s.
326 Grant Ave
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501 United States