Tanglewood/Briargrove Area

Tanglewood/Briargrove Area at a Glance

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A number of small neighborhoods surround Tanglewood and Briargrove: Briarcroft, Briarbend, Charnwood, and Hammersmith. All four neighborhoods are zoned to Briargrove Elementary School, Grady Middle School, and Mirabeau Lamar or Robert E. Lee high schools. Nearby private and parochial schools include St. Francis Episcopal, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Michael Catholic School, The Regis School, AWTY International School, The Kinkaid School, and Second Baptist School.

Briarcroft is located on the east side of Chimney Rock, south of San Felipe, and north of Westheimer. Its development began in the early 1950s – the Civic Club, now an HOA, began in 1954 - and many of the original homes have received extensive remodeling. Home sizes range from less than 2,000 square feet to more than 5,000 square feet. Lots average around 12,000 square feet. Home prices in Briarcroft range from the high $300,000s into the high $700,000s for extensively remodeled original homes; recent construction homes range in price from $1 million to more than $1.5 million.

Briarbend, established in1956, borders the Buffalo Bayou and has approximately 135 homes. Briarbend is located between the intersections of Westheimer and Voss Road and Woodway Drive and Stoney Brook. The neighborhood is one of Houston's best kept secrets - a quiet and comfortable retreat where the neighbors know each other by name. Briarbend Park was originally privately owned by the neighborhood but was donated to the City of Houston in the 1970s. The City maintains the park on a regular basis and Briarbend continues to invest in enhancing the park. The up-to-date playground equipment is specially designed for young children, and the park is used for various neighborhood events throughout the year. Briarbend Park is the only public park between the upper and lower sections of Buffalo Bayou, providing access to trails and water activities. Home prices in Briarbend range from the high $200,000s to the mid -$500,000s for original structures and to more than $1 million for new construction.

Immediately next door to Briarbend, Charnwood is a vintage neighborhood of large lots and expansive homes developed in the mid-1950s and bordered by Voss Road, Buffalo Bayou, Inwood Drive, and Stoney Brook Drive. Charnwood and Briarbend often team for neighborhood events and both enjoy using Briarbend Park. Home prices in Charnwood range from the high $300,000s to well more than $1 million for new construction.

Hammersmith is a charming townhome and patio-home enclave consisting of four square blocks and about 225 residences nicely cloistered behind a wall along Voss Road. Hammersmith encompasses a handful of streets south of Charnwood between Del Monte and Olympia and has maintained its distinctive residential identity. The neighborhood offers an eclectic mix of architectural styles and an equally interesting mix of residents - married, single, retirees, professionals, families with children of all ages, varied ethnic backgrounds - all calling Hammersmith home. Home prices range from the high $200,000s into the $400,000s.