Kristin Davis’ Favorite Things At Home

Kristin Davis’ Favorite Things At Home

The Actress And U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Has Collected Items From Around The World

Kristin Davis is a passionate world traveler. But the most meaningful journeys of her life haven’t been to movie or TV sets, but to make a difference.

In June 2015, Davis, a goodwill ambassador with UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, visited Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, meeting families displaced by conflict and violence, and in August 2019 she traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to meet with women refugee entrepreneurs.

“If you’re in an extreme-poverty situation, helping women with microloans and training them to earn money is a way to have a lasting effect,” Davis says. And she has remained engaged. “There are so many conflicts all around the world—so many that we can’t even keep them all in our minds here in America,” she says. “I really wanted to be part of the front lines in terms of trying to help these people who had been forgotten by society at large.”

Kristin Davis

Admittedly, her own life in Los Angeles is a world away—both physically and metaphorically. But her current home (she recently relocated to a new place in L.A. after 20 years in her previous house) is filled with reminders of her travels. “I like homey and warm,” Davis, 55, says. “If you saw where I am right now, you would laugh out loud because I would not necessarily describe the structure itself as homey and warm.” (She can’t easily put a finger on her new abode’s architectural style, so “transitional” is her default adjective.) Still, her keepsakes make the space inviting.

And, due to her innate design sense—her character of Charlotte from Sex and the City would be proud—it’s all enviably arranged. Here are five favorite pieces helping make her new place feel like home.

1. RUG

“I have so many Moroccan rugs, which stems from shooting Sex and the City 2 in Morocco. Sarah [Jessica Parker] and I, on the weekends, would go and rug shop. I didn’t get this particular one there, but I like that it has an unusual motif with the flower in the center, and the colors go very well with my Spanish kitchen tile.”



“I got this from a very clever man who has a furniture store on West Hollywood called Twentieth. It’s Ultrasuede, which makes it so nice and cleanable, which is great because I was worried about it being white. It went so perfectly with everything I already owned, and it was nice to mix in something a little more futuristic.”


“I was just incredibly lucky that [artist Russell James] gave me this. It’s very, very large, and I love it very much because you do feel like the sun is rising in your room. I brought it here to my new house.”

Russell James Photography


“That lamp was Charlotte’s lamp from the very, very beginning of Sex and the City, when I only had a one-bedroom set as my apartment. As time went, my apartment grew and grew and until it was this massive, beautiful, multiroom, Park Avenue apartment set, filled with white flowers. But that pink lamp was always in it somewhere. I made sure that pink lamp went home with me.”


“Artists Gillie and Marc Schattner wanted to do something to help the plight of elephants worldwide and, specifically, to benefit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who I work with. So, they made life-size sculptures, of the babies who were at the nursery and placed them, as an art installation, all around London. But they also made small bronze ones that you could purchase. This is Barsilinga, an elephant who features prominently in the documentary I made called Gardeners of Eden.”


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