Leslie Odom Jr.’s 5 Favorite Things

Leslie Odom Jr.’s 5 Favorite Things

The Actor And Singer On His Favorite Fan Art,Presidential Gifts, And More

Best known for originating the role of Aaron Burr inHamilton, Leslie Odom Jr. has, in recent years, starred in a major motion picture—Harriet, about the life of abolitionist Harriet Tubman—written a book—2018’s Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning—and released his first solo album of original songs, called Mr.

The Tony and Grammy award winner, 38, also bought a 1929 Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, which he shares with his wife, Nicolette Kloe Robinson, and their 2-year-old daughter, Lucille Ruby. “It’s a little house, but it’s ours,” he tells Reside®.

Among the best things about it: His in-laws are close by. “My daughter will be able to walk to grandma and grandpa’s house when she’s older,” he says.

Odom also told us about the five objects he treasures most within the house.

1. Presidential Wishes

“Mikey Hess [of the Hess Corporation family] asked me to perform at his birthday. They said they’d get every living president to write me a note for my birthday, which is a day or two before Mikey’s. It showed up almost a full year later, and had been signed by Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Bush. It hangs up in my house.”

Presidential Wishes
Custom Mantel

2. Custom Mantel

“Our decorator had a custom mantel made for our house. It’s nice to be able to put decorations for the various holidays and pictures on it.”

3. Dream Bed

“My wife and I treated ourselves to a really good bed when we lived in New York City. We bought a king-size mattress from Craig’s Beds. When we moved back to L.A., we paid to have it shipped.”

Dream Bed
Big-Screen TV

4. Big-Screen TV

“I splurged and got myself a television that’s way too big for the room. It’s 60 inches. I like to watch Saturday Night Live, and I’m catching up on Insecure, and we watch awards shows, too. But if I’m being honest, what I watch the most is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”

Fan Art

Not pictured “After the run of Hamilton at the Public Theater [before it went to Broadway], a fan gave me a rendering of what Burr looked like in her mind.”

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