Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

The Latest Technology In Home Stargazing Equipment

From the northern lights to the Big Dipper, viewing the cosmos up close from the convenience of your backyard requires the latest in portable smart technology. Astronomy novices and pros alike are sure to expand their horizons with this high-end stargazing equipment.


The Celestron brand has long been a leading name in telescope technology, so it’s no surprise that the Celestron 11069 Nexstar 8SE tops the list as the best telescope for home stargazing and astrophotography. The high-end, portable device has an on-board computer that automatically detects 40,000 celestial entities with an eight-inch aperture to enable clear viewing of the night sky. Its SkyAlign technology automatically aligns when pointed at bright objects, making this telescope’s usability and quick set-up ideal for the star-loving novice.


The Meade LX90-ACF telescope promises the universe with the most advanced ACF Coma-Free Optics to ensure far-off images do not appear distorted for viewers. Astronomy aficionados are able to quickly identify over 30,000 viewable planets, stars, and more by utilizing the Sony GPS sensor that determines the user’s exact location. The “Tonight’s Best” feature activates a guided tour of the sky, depending on its current geographical location with automatic free downloadable upgrades to ensure up-to-date star-viewing accuracy.

The Sega Homestar Home Planetarium Flux projects 60,000 Northern Hemisphere stars inside
The Sega Homestar Home Planetarium Flux projects 60,000 Northern Hemisphere stars inside.


There’s no need to lug around an oversize telescope on your next adventure when technology has allowed for the development of astronomy binoculars that provide near-telescope quality views of the night sky. Swarovski’s EL 12-by-50 astronomy binoculars are created from magnesium alloy for the durability needed on outdoor adventures, and they feature a 19mm exit pupil distance that fits over most eyeglasses. These binoculars offer up a strong 12x magnification for closer focus in addition to a 50mm aperture, in order to view color-filled images of the moon, bright planets, and deep sky.


Bring the night sky into the comfort of your living room on the evenings when clouds block out the stars with the Sega Homestar Home Planetarium Flux—the most advanced and up-to-date model, which projects 60,000 Northern Hemisphere stars on the ceiling or wall using bright, five-watt LED lights. The home planetarium, designed by Japanese inventor Takayuki Ohira, is created with glass lenses that allow for a vivid, nine-foot- wide display and comes equipped with 30 additional star disks.


Accessing a map to the stars from your iPhone or Android is as easy as opening the SkySafari 6 app, ideal for both amateur and professional stargazers. The app provides sky guides with access to a large database of celestial objects, the mythology behind each astrological figure, and animated visualizations of ethereal constellations from Orion to Cassiopeia. Additional in-app purchases grant access to bonus features, such as galaxy views and narrated tours. Advanced astronomers can opt to purchase SkySafari Plus or SkySafari Pro, which provides access to 100 million stars and three million galaxies as well as mobile control of Wi-Fi-enabled telescopes.

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