The Best Rest

The Best Rest

High-Tech Gadgets To Ensure A Sound Sleep

A good night’s rest now goes far beyond a reliable mattress and a comfy pillow. The latest in sleep tech gives individuals the data and tools necessary to ensure their ideal slumber is crafted to an optimized science.


Chili Technology is looking to make sure their customer’s sleeping temperature is not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Ooler, an app-controlled, water-based heating and cooling system for your mattress, adjusts sleeping temperatures to anywhere from 55 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The system includes a luxury mattress pad and a small box-shaped control unit—which fits under most beds—that provides ambient noise and houses the water reservoir.


Well honed and enhanced sleep habits could be as simple as slipping on the slim, black Dreem 2 headband. The Dreem 2 EEG Headband and Sleep Improvement System tracks brain activity, physical movement, heart rate, and breathing patterns while you sleep. A companion app then provides daily sleep reports with sleep phases and coaching programs catered toward improving an individual’s nightly patterns. The Dreem 2 also provides audio for ambient noise and meditations to quiet racing thoughts. In the morning, the smart alarm wakes users up at the moment of their lightest sleep within their preset window to leave them feeling refreshed.

The Philips Smartsleep Sleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp is a serious upgrade to your alarm clock and night light
The Philips Smartsleep Sleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp is a serious upgrade to your alarm clock and night light.


Cuddle up in bed with Somnox’s Sleep Robot, an individually tailored sleep system meant to lull even the most challenged sleeper into a heavy slumber. The Sleep Robot is shaped like a small pillow and covered with a soft material designed for cuddling against your chest where it plays soothing sounds, white noise, and music. The device simulates natural breathing rhythms to guide users to subconsciously slow their own rhythm to stimulate sleep.


Imagine total darkness, a personalized meditation coach, and the light therapy needed to kick jet lag and lure you into a deeply relaxed state. The Dreamlight Pro is a soft-cushioned eye mask that blocks 100% of outside light while providing a soothing internal orange glow that is set to the pace of relaxed breathing to ease users into a place of deep serenity. The four built-in premium speakers provide binaural audio in surround sound to aid sleep or to provide meditation support.


You can upgrade the old-school bright lamp and jarring alarm clock on your nightstand with Philips’ customizable Smartsleep Sleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp. This one-stop-shop alarm clock offers RelaxBreathe, which provides sound-guided, relaxing breathing patterns to induce sleep. Wake up naturally and rested with the colored light that simulates the sunrise to ease users with a natural transition into the day. The simulated sunset, which gradually decreases the light’s brightness and hue, creates a relaxation response prior to sleep.

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