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This week, we continue our focus on “Global Affluence: The Emerging Luxury Consumer,” a report examining the confidence, spending habits and purchasing interests of those with $250,000 USD to $1 million USD in investable assets, known as emerging luxury consumers.  Today, discover the extraordinary lifestyles that these individuals lead.

The current spending patterns of emerging luxury consumers illuminate their high level of overall confidence.  This demographic not only dines out often and travels for leisure frequently, but in the next year, they plan to increase the amount of times they do each.

Last week, we learned that emerging luxury consumers are ready to purchase a home within the next three years.  In considering a home purchase, these individuals are inclined to choose a luxury home that will fit their lifestyle interests, with popular property lifestyles ranging from waterfront to wine and vineyard.

For more information on the confidence of emerging luxury consumers, download the complete “Global Affluence: The Emerging Luxury Consumer” report by clicking here.

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  1. Your blog stands out from the commonplace blogs on luxury consumers’ home buying habits. This short piece of writing is informative and offers insights on the types of popular property lifestyles. Added bonanza is the attached report on global affluence. The information on changing patterns of purchase of global consumers is an eye-opener.

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