7 Panoramic Views Along the Côte d’Azur

To call a destination “colorful” is to offer it one of many roles. A hotspot brought to life by vibrant arts and culture. A destination famed for its bounty of natural colors. Or even a place whose bright, immovable memory remains etched in your mind.

For the French Riviera all three ring true. Whether indulging in the colorful streets of Vieille Ville in Nice, basking in the medieval history of Èze, or finding yourself awash in fields of flowers in Grasse, each lively experience culminates on the coast. The Côte d’Azur is, after all, where ocean meets sky in a not-so-coincidental shade of azure blue. Here are the best spots to take in its famed beauty.

Exclusive Avenue du Roi Albert Apartment, Cannes

Peter Illovsky Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

With Mediterranean blue as far as the eye can see, two impressive buildings comprising nine exclusive apartments rule the Avenue du Roi Albert, now home to Cannes’ chic 87 Soligny. Concierge service, security, 24-hour reception, and electronic entry are standard, adding welcome peace of mind to the incredible panoramas of each suite. Take in ocean waters from the rooftop pool, or from the privacy of your own residence—currently a blank slate with endless potential for your own signature look. 

Belle-Époque Mansion, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Peter Illovsky Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

True beauty never fades. Built in 1901, this Belle-Époque mansion has retained all of its historic splendor while undergoing a complete renovation to meet the needs of today’s most discerning resident. At four floors, six bedrooms and two living rooms, this tower in the skyline houses the ultimate in airy Côte luxury, with white walls guiding light into every corner, and sea views from nearly every window, the exceptions are a welcome wine cellar, cinema, and sensual Hammam sauna.

Prestigious Penthouse, Cannes La Bocca

Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

Triple exposure and three generous terraces mean the views never cease at this Croix-des-Gardes penthouse in Cannes. The perfect spot to soak up historic glamour, space is no object—16,110-square-meters house a spacious lounge, well-equipped kitchen, two en-suite bedrooms, and a home gym. Work up a sweat or a cool off with a refreshing dip while you gaze all the way out to Estérel.

Château de la Barben, Aix-En-Provence

Propriétés de Provence Sotheby’s International Realty

This property is as culturally significant as it is impressive. At more than 1,000 years old and holding court across a sprawling 307 hectares, Château de la Barben was once home to a king. Its lineage traces back to a first mention in 1064 via the abbey Saint Victor de Marseille registry, passing to King René before eventually being sold to the De Forbin family in 1474, with whom it remained for 500 years. Now, the exemplary estate is a crown jewel of the Riviera, crossed by two rivers and shrouded in romance.

Architectural Villa, Saint-Paul-de-Vence 

Peter IllovskyCôte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

Artistic flair and architectural vision collide above the sea in this remarkable home. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring sweeping views into this 7,500-square-foot property set on private, rolling grounds—complete with a bold take on the traditional koi pond. A generous kitchen and dining room are primed for fresh local fare, and a heated pool offers added after-dinner refreshment. An incredible master bedroom is just the place to retire after unwinding in the Riviera sunsets.

19th Century Château Soligny, Cannes

Peter Illovsky – Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

Swaying oceanside palms and ocean-to-sky blue greet you from the comfort of your bed in Château Soligny, where Rimbaud’s 1868 architectural plans retain their golden-era glow. Now completely renovated and expanded, this castle (officially deemed so in 1872), stretches across nearly two acres of prime seaside land. From wing to annex to winter garden, classical modern taste rules—evident in the rich ebony, grandiose marble, and leather floor details. 

Modern Hillside Villa, Éze

Peter IllovskyCôte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

View Medieval magnificence in the modern era. The rich history of Éze is an unbeatable addition to sweeping sea vistas at this prime hillside villa. Inside the 4,122-square-foot home, refined taste travels from the chic living room to the fully-equipped kitchen to the impressive master bedroom. Outside, a beautiful pool offers refreshment and privacy, and a south-facing terrace is the ultimate spot for dining al fresco.

Whether you favor the olive greens of countryside trees or the persimmon washes of historic buildings, whenever you’re home on the Riviera, glimmers of ocean blue will brighten your day.

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Video of the Week: Ancient Abbey with Medieval Tower in Orvieto, Terni, Italy

Italy Sotheby’s International Realty | Contact Valentina Hall for more information

The beauty of this ancient dwelling lies in its history, in fact, caverns were discovered nearly 100 years ago underneath the villa facing south. During the middle ages a five story defense tower was built and remains today. Surrounding the villa was a monastery founded and maintained by the Grey Friars up until the middle of the 18th century, and in the following 200 years, the remaining buildings, churches, and chapels that had been built were used by farmers of the former owner.

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Best of 2017 | Top 5 Homes

You clicked and we counted – this week we’ll take a look back at your favorite blogs, videos, destinations, and homes from sothebysrealty.com in 2017.

Out of the more than 40 thousand properties to experience on sothebysrealty.com, these five luxury homes from Louisiana to England saw more visitors than any other in 2017.

West Monroe, Louisiana

Dorian Bennett Sotheby’s International Realty

The former home of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame, this $1.4 million estate features 100 year old beams, exposed brick, heart pine floors, and luxury fixtures.

Contact Suzy McDaniel for more information

Basingstoke, England

United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty

This historic estate tells the story of the history of England; through its incarnation from Royal deer park, to hunting lodge, to grand aristocratic residence welcoming great political characters, it certainly has been touched by greatness throughout its many years.

Contact John Fisher for more information

Rockdale, Texas

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

In the great state of Texas, both history and landscapes are often defined by the union of unlikely partners. One such thriving and vibrant partnership can be found at Sandow Lakes Ranch, a magnificent, 33,800-acre, $250 million, unique and versatile property in the heartland of Texas.

Contact Bernie Uechtritz for more information

London, England

United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty

Carlton House Terrace is in the heart of London’s St James’s neighborhood near Buckingham Palace, overlooking St. James Park and the Mall. The Penthouse apartment is part of a unique and luxurious renovation of a beautiful regency-style building designed by John Nash in the early 19th century

Contact Shereen Malik for more information

Gateway, Colorado

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

One of the most significant listings in the American West, West Creek Ranch is a spectacularly diverse, private land and estate property boasting one of the finest residences and land parcels in the world. Owned and developed by Discovery Communications’ founder John Hendricks, this sprawling, $149 million estate features its own herd of buffalo, a helipad, and observatory among its many incredible features.

Contact Kerry Endlsey for more information

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Video of the Week: Iconic Rockry Hall in Newport, Rhode Island

$6,250,000 USD | Newport, Rhode Island | Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty
This circa mid-1800 Gothic Revival residence was designed by Seth Bradford, who is also credited with many other notable Newport estates including Chateau-sur-Mer, Fairlawn, and Bel Air. Period detail abounds throughout the home, which also enjoys modern amenities, such as the “Christopher Peacock” kitchen and baths, and a Niles audio system, with surround sound.

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The Molokai Ranch | Over 55,000 Acres of Historic Hawaiian Paradise


Also known as the “Friendly Isle,” Molokai is known for having a slow pace, rural style, and rich Hawaiian culture. As recently covered in The Wall Street JournalMolokai was formed by three separate volcanoes, as evidenced by the island’s environmental diversity compressed within its small land area. Lands that eventually became part of Molokai Ranch were assigned as part of the Great Mahele, Hawaii’s land division of 1848.

South Shore Beaches$260,000,000 USD | Maunaloa, Hawaii | Carvill Sotheby’s International Realty 

Generations of History

King Kamehameha V

King Kamehameha V

In 1859, King Kamehameha IV established a sheep ranch on the west end at Kaluako‘i. His brother, High Chief Kapuāiwa gained title to the land that is now encompassed by Molokai Ranch when he became King Kamehameha V in 1863, and he expanded this holding through acquisition of more land and addition of other types of livestock.

Princess Ruth Keli‘iokalani inherited the land on Molokai from King Kamehameha V upon his death. When she died in 1883, the property passed on to Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the last descendant of the Kamehameha dynasty. Princess Pauahi’s inheritance excluded the land of Kaluako‘i in West Molokai, as these were granted to her husband Charles Bishop in 1875.

In 1897, Charles M. Cooke, son of the early missionary teacher, Amos Starr Cooke, along with a group of Honolulu businessmen, purchased 70,000 acres of land in fee simple from the trustees of Princess Pauahi’s estate. The business group leased another 30,000 acres from the Hawaiian government.
In 1898, the businessmen started American Sugar Company Limited on Molokai. In 1908, Charles M. Cooke acquired 100% interest in the fee simple lands and subsequently established Molokai Ranch. George P. Cooke, son of Charles M. Cooke, succeeded his father to become the manager of Molokai Ranch. Under George P. Cooke, Molokai Ranch progressed through cattle grazing, sweet potato, and wheat crops. When the Ranch began producing honey, Molokai became the world’s largest producer of honey from 1910 to 1937.

Tidepools at Kawakiu Nui

Tidepools at Kawākiu Nui

By 1923, the Libby, McNeil & Libby Company had begun raising pineapple in the Maunaloa area on lands leased from Molokai Ranch. They continued operations until the operations were sold to the Dole Corporation in 1972. Del Monte, then known as California Packing Corporation, arrived in 1927 and made their headquarters at Kualapu‘u. They soon commenced large-scale pineapple cultivation, mostly on land leased from Molokai Ranch. Dole ceased its Molokai operations in 1976. Del Monte phased out its operations in the mid-1980s.

Kaluakoi Hotel and Golf

Kaluako’i Resort – Kaluako’i Resort and the surrounding 18-hole golf course is a prime oceanfront/hotel site.

In the early 1970s, Molokai Ranch, then owned by the Cooke family, entered into a partnership with Louisiana Land and Exploration Company for the development of the Kaluako‘i Hotel and Resort. After initial success, the cash requirements of these investments led to the eventual sale of Molokai Ranch stock to Brierly Investments Limited (later to become BIL International Limited), who became the sole stockholder in 1987. At that time, Molokai Ranch consisted of approximately 52,000 acres. The Kaluako‘i Hotel, under separate ownership, closed in 2000.

Maunaloa town

Maunaloa Town had its beginnings as a pineapple plantation town in 1923, when Libby, McNeil & Libby began to grow pineapple on land leased from Molokai Ranch.

In October 2001, BIL International, on behalf of Molokai Ranch, re-acquired 6,300 acres on the southwest corner of Molokai. In December 2001, Molokai Ranch acquired the land holdings of Kukui (Molokai), Inc., that included the abandoned Kaluako‘i Hotel, the Kaluako‘i Golf Course, and the undeveloped lands of the resort area. The golf course was renovated and re-opened in 2004 and closed in 2008. The hotel, golf course and most of the common facilities have yet to be re-opened.

Rodeo Grounds

Venue of the Annual Molokai Ranch Heritage Rodeo with Maunaloa Town in background.

Under the current ownership, not much has changed in recent years. While Molokai Ranch has continued to engage in active cattle ranching and utilities operations, reopening the Kaluako‘i Hotel and resort operations has not been a priority. The time has arrived to offer a new owner the freedom to realize the property’s potential and to create an enduring legacy.

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National Aviation Day | Celebrating Sky-High Achievements


Happy Aviation Day! This Sunday marks the 78th annual Aviation Day in the United States; started by FDR in 1939 to honor the birthday of aviation pioneer Orville Wright and to celebrate our airborne achievements, prepare for Saturday’s celebration by turning to your eyes to the sky and experiencing five homes from around the world with amenities designed for the aviation enthusiast.

Texas$13,950,000 USD | Denton, Texas | Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Hartlee Field Ranch is a beautiful, 652-acre property approximately 30 miles north of DFW airport. This sprawling acreage consists of nearly 20,000-square-foot home with barns and workshops, and houses the historic Hartlee Field Airstrip, which provided flight training for military cadets in WW II. The exquisite home features four bedrooms, six full-baths, two half-baths, three large living areas, office, indoor half-court basketball court, and oversized six-car garage.

Canada8 900 000 $ CAD | Victoria, British Columbia | Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Offering unparalleled luxury and privacy, this richly appointed modern estate combines a world-class location with lavish construction and contemporary amenities. This property, dubbed “The View,” on Willis Point is a stunning example of an expansive traditional European-style home perched atop 42 acres of rugged West Coast landscape. Among the properties cornucopia of amenities is a helipad and garage with helicopter bay.

Soar to new heights – read previous pieces about Fly-In communities

Bahamas$3,500,000 USD | Exuma, Bahamas | Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty

Located in the Galleon Point Subdivision at the Northern tip of Norman’s Cay, this property contains six acres and 374 feet of pristine beach frontage. The Exumas are well-known for fishing, sailing, and boating around some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. Norman’s Cay has a newly extended 4,800-foot airstrip, protected harbor and restaurant. Just 40 miles from Nassau and 220 miles from Miami, Norman’s Cay is the perfect blend of privacy and accessibility.

Tennessee$4,750,000 USD | Lenoir City, Tennessee | Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty

This home’s structures and sprawling acreage is sure to suite almost any lifestyle. Featuring an airstrip and hanger for the aviation enthusiast, horse stables and barn for the equestrian lifestyle, and lakefront living that includes two boat docks and boat house, this timeless and inviting property is the perfect escape for the adventurer at heart.

FrancePrice Upon Request | Uzes, France | Uzés Sotheby’s International Realty

Dating back to the fourteenth century, the chateau offers 900-square-meters of living space, including fourteen bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. With grand reception rooms, a professional kitchen and a large conservatory offering breathtaking views, this property is ideal for holding large events. The property additionally offers various outbuildings including barns, a guest house, and caretaker’s house. The land consists of beautiful landscaped gardens with a pool, pool house, and private airstrip.

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Luxury Living | A Historic Piece of Princeton, New Jersey

One of Princeton University’s greatest benefactors and former owner of Drumthwacket (the estate that serves as the home for New Jersey’s sitting governor), Moses Taylor Pyne is an important figure in the state’s history.

$2,375,000 USD | Princeton, New Jersey | Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty
Built as a dairyman’s residence and milk barn, the property at 505 Mercer Road in Princeton, New Jersey is part of the collection of outbuildings Pyne added to Drumthwacket estate in the early twentieth century.


After purchasing the property in 1893 from its original owner, Pyne proceeded to convert the estate into extensively landscaped gardens as well as a model farm, a space for experimenting with new agricultural techniques – a common feature at elegant estates of the period. Pyne’s model farm included Rockwood Dairy, the model dairy that is now the house [at 505 Mercer].


The house, like the other outbuildings added to the estate, was designed by Pyne’s favorite architect, Raleigh C. Gildersleeve, and was completed in 1901.


When the current owners purchased the house directly from the dairyman’s family in 1988, it required extensive updating. Architect Glen Fries, the owner, oversaw the renovations, which preserved many of the stunning original elements of Gildersleeve’s design.


The milk barn, originally designed to process the dairy’s milk, has been converted to office and studio space, connected to the house by a colonnade. Pyne spared no expense in his milk barn, which features the famous arched tilework of Rafael Guastavino, who tiled many New York City subway stations, Ellis Island, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, among other iconic landmarks. These tiled spaces remain there today.

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Luxury Real Estate Headlines: Last Week in June 2017

Highlights from this week’s top news stories on luxury and global real estate, art, collectibles and home.


$2,950,000 USD | Milton, Massachusetts | Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

“The 6,800-square-foot property includes six bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half bathrooms. The second level offers a guest wing with private bedroom and en suite bathroom, as well as a small fitness area.”

A Contemporary Country House Just Outside Boston – Mansion Global

Football’s Paul Kruger Lists Multi-Sport Colorado Estate – Wall Street Journal

Sotheby’s International Realty Brand Tops Individual Sales Volume Category in REAL Trends/The Wall Street Journal Report for Second Year in a Row – Sotheby’s International Realty

Famed Playboy’s $19 Million New York Triplex Hits the Market – Bloomberg

28 of the Most Expensive Homes for Sale in America – Architectural Digest

A Hamptons Bungalow for All Seasons – Wall Street Journal

Five Homes for Tennis Enthusiasts – Financial Times

Historic Houston Estate of Late Tootsies Owner to Hit the Market – Chron.com

A Greek Revival-Style Mansion Near the Water in Connecticut – Mansion Global

For Sale: 7 Properties for Boat Enthusiasts – The Week

10 Dream Homes that Take City Dwelling to a Whole New Level – Elle Decor

A Single-Family House in Toronto’s Rosedale Neighborhood May be the City’s Best Status Symbol – Mansion Global

House Hunting in… Frankfurt, Germany – The New York Times

Sotheby’s Sells Andy Warhol’s First “Selfie” for £6MBlouin ArtInfo

Luxury Lifestyles | Living History

When considering exquisite luxury goods—paintings, sculpture, even fabrics, furniture and wine—we think of personal, highly curated items that make our living spaces distinctive and enhance the ambient experience of a particular home. In some cases, however, the home itself is the oeuvre d’art.

In the art world, older isn’t always better, but revered older works do carry additional prominence, specifically the prestige of age and history that newer art hopes to acquire with time. Similarly, as beautiful homes and estates begin to acquire the patina that only decades or even centuries can bring, they take on an unmatched nobility and grandeur.

There’s a certain class of buyer and homeowner—patrons, if you will—that places a premium on properties graced by time. To them, living in a historic residence is akin to living within a famous piece of art.

Italy1.300.000 € EUR | Como, Italy | Italy Sotheby’s International Realty

“Owning a property that stands out as a landmark or a testimony to a glorious past is like owning a unique piece of history,” says Diletta Carutti, of Italy Sotheby’s International Realty.

“Historic,” of course, means something different in each part of the world. The European sense of history stretches deep—enthusiasts shopping in Florence or Rome, for instance, will encounter residences that date to the Renaissance or Baroque, vividly reflecting the décor and ornamentation of those periods. In the U.S., it might mean a colonial-era farmhouse in New England or one of the famed “cottages” of Newport.

Rhode Island$2,995,000 USD | Newport, Rhode Island | Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty

“I like to point out who was president at the time the house was new,” says Russell Firestone, of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington D.C. “For clients, that really puts in perspective how old a property is, that John Adams or Thomas Jefferson was president when this house was built.”

WashingtonDC$2,500,000 USD | Washington, D.C. | TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

Firestone says what buyers are truly looking for in older homes is character, and in particular preserved character—the house must innately reflect the time and conditions amid which it was conceived. Houses must have a strong street presence and great façade as well as specific period interior features: traditional floor plans with high ceilings; formal living rooms with entrance halls; double parlors with fireplaces; original trim work and molding; staircases with handcrafted balusters, banisters and original treads; and perhaps most important, original wide-plank flooring.

Still, as much as owners embrace the way these homes offer glimpses into previous and more elegant eras, the archeological pride only goes so far. In fact, it typically stops at the kitchen and bathrooms.

Virginia$3,500,000 USD | Alexandria, Virginia | TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

American estate homes from the 18th and 19th century prioritized entertainment—hence the ornate and spacious public areas—but the bathrooms were usually rudimentary and the kitchens, designed for staff, small. As lifestyles have evolved these outdated spaces are no longer considered historically important (or desirable, or practical), and today it’s perfectly acceptable for vintage homes to feature fully remodeled and updated “private” spaces.

“You want to walk through the great history and character of the interior, the foyer, the dining rooms, the living room and hallways, and then after that buyers want to walk into a new kitchen and new bathrooms,” Firestone says.

Owning a famous or historic estate does bring with it a level of prestige, and that’s another part of the attraction. “There’s a social status associated with owning certain ancient properties,” says Diletta Carutti in Italy. “A lot of buyers we see are personalities in the public spotlight and they want to be able to say, ‘We own that.’”

FlorencePrice Upon Request | Florence, Italy | Italy Sotheby’s International Realty

It also brings with it important maintenance and preservation responsibilities.

American homes in this category often reside in historic districts with strict guidelines for improvements, often based on standards developed by the National Park Service, including what materials can be used during renovations and limitations on what can be altered. These factors not only inoculate historical residences from changing trends (something sorely lacking in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s) but also help uphold property values. Most European countries also have in place similar regulatory agencies to protect old and ancient structures.

Preserving historic homes is not for the timid. It’s a fact of ownership that, simply due to the age of these buildings, there will be issue to be addressed and remedied. Cracked or uneven foundations due to settlement, malfunctioning doors and windows, water damage, brick deterioration and warped or slanted floors are inevitable over a lifetime of hundreds of years. Owners must have a passion for conservation.

But those who undertake this level of ownership usually do appreciate and embrace it. Firestone recalls one client so determined to take his home back to its original state he had every plank of flooring removed and re-planed to repair water damage before being meticulously reinstalled. That’s not just dedication, but love.

Article provided exclusively to Sotheby’s International Realty, LLC. by Derek Duncan.

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Colorful Homes

Vibrant and unique, a colorful exterior is the perfect way to express your home’s individuality while making a captivating first impression. Full of character, these are some of the most colorful homes from around the world:

Lake Como REYW6VPrice Upon Request | Como, Italy | Lake Como Sotheby’s International Realty

Lake Como – This bright green waterfront villa is a 13,000-square-foot sprawling estate on Lake Como, Italy.  The property is comprised of a three-story main building, guest house, porter’s lodge, garage and small private harbor with three docks for boats.

Georgia Y23MJX$8,950,000 USD | Sea Island, Georgia | DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty

Georgia – A Mediterranean and Moroccan-style home, this colorful residence in Sea Island, Georgia features a main house, detached guest suite, garage, lap pool and bocce court.  Originally owned by Colonel Tillinghast L’Hommedieu Hudson, co-owner of the New York Yankees in the early 1900s, the home was recently renovated and restored and includes replica stain glass Spanish windows, heated stone floors and an irrigation system.

Maine W4HCB7$475,000 USD | Willimantic, Maine | Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

Maine – Aptly named The Pink Lady, this pink and white cottage is located along the shores of Sebec Lake in Willimantic, Maine.  With additional pink touches around the home, including pink Adirondack chairs on the dock, the home is move-in ready and available fully furnished.

Florida 2XPZ7P$6,650,000 USD | Naples, Florida | Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

Florida – Designed in a classic Bermudan architectural style, this bright home in Naples, Florida sits adjacent to the Naples Bay.  The four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom residence was recently renovated and includes tankless water heaters, whole-house water filtration, pre-conditioned mitigation systems, whole-house surge protector and a new high-speed boat lift.

California MKG46T$8,000,000 USD | Redwood Valley, California | Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty

California – This yellow Victorian-style mansion is located in Redwood Valley, California and overlooks the Mendocino wine country.  The classic home has five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms, wrap-around porch and detached garage.  Situated on more than 1,745 acres, the property includes 24 miles of roads, pasture and free range cattle areas, camping areas and year-round springs and ponds.

Bahamas Y7LJDQ$3,495,000 USD |Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas | Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty

Bahamas – With blue touches both inside and out, this four-bedroom, four-bathroom estate is located in the gated community of Old Fort Bay in the Bahamas.  The property is comprised of a main home featuring more than 2,050 square-feet of covered porches and balconies, a guest cottage and an 80-foot dock.  In addition, the home boasts high ceilings, travertine and hardwood flooring, quartz countertops, multi-jet showers with rain heads and cedar-lined closets. Outside there is a swimming pool, hot tub, gazebo and two-car garage.

Colorado F2X96ZPrice Upon Request | Aspen, Colorado | Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty

Aspen, CO – Located in Aspen’s West End, this vibrant Victorian home sits on an oversized corner lot.  The property has historic designation and comes with additional buildable square-footage.  Currently comprised of four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the estate features south-facing Aspen Mountain views.