Professionnel de l'Immobilier à West Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique Canada
Real Estate Agent

Kyle Cupido

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à West Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique Canada
Kyle’s post-secondary beginnings as an honors graduate of McMaster University and his past experience as a contractor and estimator in construction created a solid platform for his real estate business. Prior to his real estate career, Kyle successfully developed and operated multiple business units within the University of British Columbia (UBC). He impressively increased annual sales and profit year over year for each of his departments. As the UBC Director of Tennis, Kyle oversaw the construction, opening, and operation of one of Canada’s largest indoor tennis facilities. His experiences also led him to international markets in co-developing a UBC learning development program that included extensive networking in China and India. Kyle has been heavily involved with large international tennis events such as the Davis Cup as well as local Vancouver-based initiatives including Kits Fest resulting in the development and fostering of expansive and meaningful networks internationally as well as in Greater Vancouver. Kyle is also an avid sports enthusiast and while he has participated in many of the sports for which the Sea-to-Sky corridor provides a world-class venue, his early athletic endeavors were rooted as a varsity basketball player at McMaster University. Kyle uses his background in sport to contribute his time as a volunteer and has worked with the UBC community to help plan and implement the first university-based skateboard park in Canada. From business and sports to cultural events and children’s programs, Kyle knows the importance of family and community. He believes that healthy and happy communities create that special value in a neighborhood that gives meaning to the places we call home. Kyle’s experience living on both sides of the Lion’s Gate Bridge allows him valuable insights into the communities he serves. From West Vancouver and North Vancouver to Kitsilano and UBC, Kyle has lived and worked in these communities and has first hand experience. “I look at the service I provide as a realtor through a unique lens. My perspective is this: while real estate services are commonly perceived as being solely results focused, I like to think of myself as the facilitator of a process. I provide you access to a host of services and expertise that will optimize your ability to make well-informed decisions that feel good and are right for you and your family. To me, if the process isn’t top-notch, the results won’t be either.” Kyle prides himself on being an excellent communicator, which allows him to effectively support his clients through the process, getting results the right way. Honesty, loyalty and trust are the hallmark of his business.
235 – 15th Street
West Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique, V7T 2X1 Canada