Professionnel de l'immobilier dans Scarsdale, New York États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

Fabiola "Acuna" Ruiz

Professionnel de l'immobilier dans Scarsdale, New York États-Unis
For over 4 years I was a psychologist back in my home country (Mexico), which also makes me bilingual in English and Spanish. As a psychologist I had the experience, knowledge and tools to analyze human behaviour and an understanding of emotional needs and concerns. I have also had the amazing opportunity to work with kids for over 8 years and I am still currently working with them. I consider it important to encourage children to work on themselves at an early age, to help lead them to identify their emotions and help them better understand how to express what they are feeling and teach them skills on how to handle it. Yound children are at a great age to start developing confidence, self esteem, self-sufficiency, strength and the most important thing, love for themselves and those around them.

I am an entrepreneur and leader. Due to a commitment to myself and my goals, I am currently living in New York (Westchester County), which is a step closer to achieving and living out my dream. It hasn't been an easy process but it is still progress and with my determination, responsibility and willingness to work hard without giving up, I believe that I will achieve everything I want. My perseverance has led me to became part of Julia B Fee Sotheby's International Realty. Thus allowing me to connect with Sotheby's International Realty Mexico to help you with your home, vacation or/and investment search as well. I am also a certified Commercial and Investment Real Estate agent.

Due to my networking in Mexico I am able to help you with your New York City, local Westchester and Mexico Real Estate needs.

I am good at interacting with people, well- spoken and have the good negotiation skills. I am a fast learner and can easily adapt to any situation.

I am a woman of my word, so I will commit to work for my clients best interests and achieve the goal they desire.

I am a very energetic, athletic, strong and enthusiastic woman, I love to workout 5 days per week, meditate and I also practice yoga every Saturday to develop and increase mental strength as well as get in touch with my emotions, soul and spirit. I think it is very important to be aligned with your mind, body and spirit.

28 Chase Road
Scarsdale, New York, 10583 États-Unis