Santa Fe City Northeast

Santa Fe City Northeast at a Glance

Sotheby's International Realty
From the city's center, at the Plaza, to the Governor's Mansion in the near foothills overlooking the Santa Fe River valley, the northeast part of Santa Fe offers a complete cross-section of [Santa Fe real estate|seo:RegionOfficeSearchResults|title:Real Estate in Santa Fe]. From narrow lanes lined with shade trees to larger hillside lots hosting substantial homes with tremendous views, all types of homes can be found in the northeast part of town. The higher you climb into the hills, the bigger the views get until you find homes nearly on mountain tops. From Santa Fe Summit, from Sierra Del Norte, from 800 East, to Cerros Colorados, Canada Ancha and Estancia Primera, many developments have taken advantage of the rising slopes to offer homesite views that dazzle visitors and hypnotize residents. The 2 downtown sales offices of Sotheby’s International Realty are in this part of town, near the Plaza, and the history and charm of the area is part of what makes visitors stop and stare at the unusual and sculpted architectural lines of its buildings. Whether you seek a pied-a-terre for your occasional visits here or a sprawling compound that can gracefully host the entire clan, northeast Santa Fe has something for everyone.