Professionista immobiliare in Warsaw, Masovian Polonia
Real Estate Agent

Marcin Sarnowski

Professionista immobiliare in Warsaw, Masovian Polonia

My experience in working with business people I decided to use in the real estate industry. This is a business in which the man is the most important, and knowledge from the real estate market and investment, which I constantly expand, helps my clients, businessmen to invest their profits well.
He feels particularly good in the subject of investment and long-term service. When working with a client, trust and exemplary relationships are important to me. I am a person paying attention to details and a very concrete one.
I collected my life experience working and running my own business in the gastronomic industry, crowned with successes even on the international arena.
A lifelong optimist, a hobby enthusiast of sophisticated drinks, I express this passion by running a salon with wines from around the world.
I completed three fields of study at three different universities, which gave me professional knowledge about how to communicate well with people which directly translates into professional results.
Already the first year of work in real estate turned out to be very fruitful and abounded in several significant successes. I am going to continue this good streak, develop my knowledge and network of contacts in business, which brings me a lot of satisfaction and experience.
I like to spend my free time actively in the open air with my friends or in a good restaurant playing the role of a master and judging the masterpieces of chefs, preferably in combination with properly matched wine.

Nowy Swiat 6/12;
Warsaw, Masovian, 00-504 Polonia