Tricity, Polonia

Vivere a Trecittà

Iyna Bort Caruso

Three cities along Poland’s Baltic Sea coast make up an area known as Tricity: the modern harbor port of Gdynia, the seaside resort of Sopot and the historic city of Gdańsk, a pivot point in world history.

Gdańsk was once a member of the powerful trading guild the Hanseatic League starting in the 14th century. It went on to enjoy Golden Age status as one of the country’s wealthiest cities. On September 1, 1939, shots fired from a German battleship at Gdańsk’s Westerplatt Peninsula officially signaled the start of World War II. Much of the city was rebuilt after the war. Later, Gdańsk became symbol of resistance culminating in a strike led by Leach Walesa in 1980 that resulted in the fall of communism in Central Europe. It remains an important city and a center of intellectual life. One of the country’s three main international airports is here, as well as many consulates. Old City architecture is distinguished by restored palaces and former merchant houses built by master craftsmen from Flanders and Netherlands. Not all buildings have the patina of time. Newer apartments rise over nearby Granary Island and modern beach homes are set within meters of the Gdańsk Gulf.

Adjacent to Gdańsk along the coast is the sun-drenched resort of health spas and sandy beaches called Sopot. The city’s most famous feature is Molo, an event space and pier--the longest wooden pier in Europe jutting out over 500 meters into the sea. Pedestrian-only Monte Cassino Street runs through the middle of town to the entrance of the pier and is lined with bars, restaurants, galleries and homes of inspired architecture, some dating back to the 19th century. On the outskirts of Sopot is a ski lift, Bald Hill. It’s not the highest ski slope but arguably the most unusual with its panoramic Baltic Sea views.

The third city that makes up the Tricity region is Gdynia, a fishing village up until a century ago when it transformed into an important seaport known for its modernist architecture. Gdynia is youthful and dynamic. It plays hosts to Poland’s most prestigious film festival as well as music and theater festivals, contributing to its reputation as one of the country’s top quality-of-life cities.

Tricity is one of a handful of regions in Poland with a rising luxury market. Values are especially attractive compared with other European Union countries.

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