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Crested Butte, Colorado

About Crested Butte
Colorado's True Colors

There are few places remaining that can be called a true Colorado ski town.   Crested Butte is considered a holdout, retaining its small town charm and the adventurous soul that it has always had.  Whether you are visiting for the first time or returning, you immediately feel a difference that sets Crested Butte apart from other mountain locations. With no traffic lights or chain stores and people who openly celebrate life every day, the genuine nature of the community and the pristine surroundings immediately capture you.  Here, your time isn't just about a visit to ski an incredible mountain. It's about being away from your other world, finding adventure in an unspoiled setting surrounded by majestic peaks, wide valleys and being connected to the culture and lifestyle that is Crested Butte.

True Adventure

Crested Butte inspires a passion for adventure within you no matter what your quest may be.  From the moment you walk the streets of the historic mining town and meet the people who live here or view the ski mountain's crested peak for the first time you can tell this is a special place that stirs your inner sprit.  The ski mountain has a natural character that is both distinctive and exhilarating for any ability level.  From the abundant wide open green and blue groomed trails to more advanced long cruisers and the famous extreme limits of the North Face and Headwall, the mountain has it all.

Crested Butte is recognized as the home to some of the country's top extreme and elite winter athletes, names such as Seth Morrison and Wendy Fisher who pioneered big mountain skiing are synonymous with the Butte.  On any day you can find yourself skiing runs with a number of skiing legends or new school superstars.  It is easy to see why so many young people are attracted to the scene in CB.  The mountain has some of the easiest access to what is considered to be the country's best steeps where you can find classic bowl skiing or unexplored lines on every run.

Crested Butte has always been known as the perfect mountain to improve your skiing because of the diverse terrain and easy progression from beginner, intermediate and advanced sections of the mountain. This unique character of the mountain combined with uncrowded slopes, fantastic grooming and snow conditions gives one a sense of freedom and confidence.  The adventure in Crested Butte doesn't just stop at the on-mountain ski experience.

The sense of exploration continues off the slopes with some of the most diverse and distinctive bars, restaurants and nightlife found in any ski town.  From sushi to sandwiches and everything in between, the choice of great places to dine and variety of food types is amazing.  For a small town like this to have three locations for sushi, six great pizza places, and more than thirty bars is hard to believe.  There is also live music almost every night at places like the classic Eldo bar or the intimate Princess wine bar on Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte.  The shopping is also an adventurous undertaking with small specialty shops and galleries to explore, each one distinct in its offerings and style.  Your adventure begins the moment you arrive in Crested Butte and

continues as you get to know the people and discover this special place that brings out the colorful, brighter more adventurous you.

True Roots

This is a friendly, open and caring community with a stubborn streak that still holds tight to its heritage and was once called "the town that wouldn't die" because of its ability to survive the booms and busts of the Colorado's mining days.  Crested Buttians also have a colorful spirited nature and on almost any week there is a celebration of some kind or a special event that has a tie to the past. It is clear that locals love to party, but visitors and locals become one in the same in Crested Butte while sharing in the festivities.

The past is as important as the future here and new acquaintances seem to naturally develop into lifelong friendships. For those who have not visited Crested Butte before, they are sometimes surprised to find that there are actually two towns. The historic mining town of Crested Butte dating back to 1880 and the town of Mt. Crested Butte which encompasses the modern ski resort base area with its hotels spas, retail stores and restaurants. The two towns complement each other and are connected by a fantastic and colorful free shuttle service.  As unique and quirky as Crested Butte itself, the transportation system is described as fun and reliable with its distinctive hand painted buses and friendly drivers operating all day and night. Every day, locals ride their bicycles on the snow covered streets to the bus stops in town and join visitors on the six minute ride to the base of the mountain. There is a real community in Crested Butte which makes it feel different from almost every other ski resort in the west.  Real people live, work and play here, and welcome visitors as though they were close friends. As one local put it, "This is a great place to find yourself...or to just get lost for a while."

True to Nature

Preserving all that is special about Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte continues to be a priority for everyone who lives and plays here.  The dedication to sustaining this pristine natural environment and the rare and special mountain culture is something that you can see and feel.  Being true to nature also means keeping alive what people who come to visit find so attractive about Crested Butte. It's the feeling that the things that originally attracted people to these mountains and to the sport of skiing are still here. This is a place where you can connect with your own inner sense of what matters most to you. With the recent base area development and extensive improvements of the ski resort along with the opening of the new Mountaineer Square Lodge & Conference Center, Mt. Crested Butte has shown how it can keep its values balanced with growth.  As more people discover this mountain haven, staying true to nature will always be the guiding light.  Considering the distinctive qualities of Crested Butte, it is easy to understand how it has been called "Colorado's last great ski town."

Crested Butte Mountain Resort
800.810.7669  |  970.349.2222

Dates of Season: November 21, 2012 through April 7, 2013

Trails & Terrain:
Lift Operating Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Elevation Summit: 12,162 feet (3,707 meters)
Base: 9,375 feet ( 2,856 meters)
Lowest Lift:  9,100 feet (2,774 meter)
Vertical Drop Lift Served: 2,775 feet (846 meters)
Overall: 3,062 feet (933 meters)
Skiable Acres: 1,547 acres (626 hectares)
Lifts:    15 total
4 high speed detachable quads
2 fixed grip quads
2 triple chairs
3 double chairs
2 surface lifts
2 magic carpets
Lift Capacity: 20,310 people per hour
Trails:    121 Total
27% beginner
57% intermediate
16% advanced
Longest Run:    2.6 miles (4.2 km)
Terrain Parks       
The Gold Link Terrain Park and Superpipe
The Cascade Terrain Park
Snowfall: 300 inches per year


Crested Butte by Air:
Crested Butte Mountain Resort announces air service for the 2012-2013 winter season from American Airlines and United Airlines, with flights from Dallas (DFW), Houston (IAH) and Denver (DEN). Through both carriers' extensive flight network guests can get to Crested Butte from anywhere in the world.  
For additional information or to reserve airfares, call toll free 800.810.7669
Airport Transfers & Car Rental
Alpine Express shuttles meet every flight and provide scenic door-to-door service between Gunnison Airport and Crested Butte. Be sure to make an advanced reservation.  Rental cars are also available on-site at the Gunnison/Crested Butte airport. Advanced reservations are recommended. For more information or to reserve transfers and car rentals call 800.810.7669

Driving Directions:
Located near the center of the state, Crested Butte is easy to get to no matter where you're coming from. Drive time from Denver is a little over 4 hours.

From Denver
From Denver International Airport, take interstate 70 west, exit to highway 470 west, highway 285 south to Fairplay then Poncha Springs, highway 50 west to

Gunnison, then highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Colorado Springs
Take highway 24 west to highway 285, highway 285 south to Poncha Springs, highway 50 west to Gunnison, then highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Montrose
Take highway 50 east to Gunnison, then highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Texas And Oklahoma
Take interstate 25 north through Trinidad to Walsenburg, highway 160 west to Alamosa, highway 285 north to Saguache, highway 114 north to highway 50, highway

50 west to Gunnison, then highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Arizona - Phoenix
Take interstate 17 to Flagstaff, north on highway 89, highway 160 to Cortez, north on highway 145, highway 62 to Ridgway, highway 550 north to Montrose,

highway 50 east to Gunnison, then highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From California And Southern Nevada - Los Angeles - Las Vegas
Take interstate 15 to Las Vegas, interstate 70 to Grand Junction, highway 50 east to Montrose and on to Gunnison, then highway 135 north into Crested Butte.

From Northern California And Utah - San Francisco - Salt Lake City
Take interstate 80 to Salt Lake City, interstate 15 via highway 6 and interstate 70 to Grand Junction, highway 50 east to Gunnison, then highway 135 north

into Crested Butte.

From New Mexico - Santa Fe - Albuquerque - Taos
From highway 285, take highway 160 west to Alamosa, highway 285 north to Saguache, highway 114 north to highway 50, highway 50 west to Gunnison, then highway

135 north into Crested Butte.

Getting Around:
Crested Butte's transportation network renders a hassle free vacation. Besides an excellent local taxi service, Crested Butte has one of the best ski town

shuttle systems around. Enjoy the mountain, town, and nightlife and let someone else do the driving.
Free Shuttle With the Crested Butte Town Shuttle and Crested Butte Mountain Express, there's no need for a car. The shuttles run the 3 miles between Mt. Crested Butte and the historic town from many convenient locations, and it's free. Condo Loop and Outer Condo Loop Shuttles depart from Town Center throughout the day in the winter. For more information, call 970.349.5616 View Bus Schedule

Taxi & Limo:
Crested Butte has an excellent local taxi service. Alpine Express meets every flight and provides door-to-door shuttle service between Gunnison Airport and Crested Butte, a short, scenic 30 minute transfer. Statewide charter available. Fleet of 30 vehicles, from 10-passenger vans to 24-passenger coaches. Baggage

handling and luxury limousine service available.
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