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Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty - Houston Bay Area Brokerage

711 W Bay Area Blvd
Ste 125
Webster, 텍사스
77598, 미국
영형. +1 281.333.3034
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The Bay Area brokerage is located in Webster, Texas a community that is ideally located halfway between the metropolitan city of Houston and Galveston on the Texas Gulf Coast. Masterfully situated on scenic Clear Lake, the city is famously home to NASA, a Manned Spacecraft Center nestled on 1000 acres. While the aerospace industry remains a primary employer, recreation, tourism and the new Bayport facility flourish. It is commonplace to see all varieties of water activities taking place on the crystal waters of Clear Lake. The brokerage has a talented team of top-notch agents that are familiar with any and everything regarding this highly sought-after area. There is a tremendous variety of special interests from which to choose in this idyllic setting. A real bonus is enjoying a lavish coastal lifestyle and you are only 30 minutes away from the ballet, opera, orchestras, museums, observatories, cultural, educational and recreational events. Our brokerage is poised to assist someone seeking a magnificent waterfront villa or a professional whose goal is to simply be afforded the opportunity of living in an area where one can choose to go to the grand city of Houston or the beach at Galveston. All of this while living in the beautiful, relaxed environment.

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Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty - Houston Bay Area Brokerage
711 W Bay Area Blvd
Ste 125, Webster, TX 77598 미국


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