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Snellman Sotheby's International Realty

Kasarmikatu 34
Helsinki, Uusimaa
00130, Finland
사무실: +358 10 3156900

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The Finnish office is located in the heart of our beautiful, dynamic design and technology influenced seaside capital Helsinki. We at Snellman Sothebys International Realty specialize in sales of luxury real estate and we guarantee our customers years of expertise and the highest quality concerning both properties and customer service support one can possibly offer. We strongly believe in personal relationships and our wish is to establish long-term relations to all our customers and stakeholders. Because of you and your incredible homes, we have been able to build up our strong brand around the world and have the possibility to connect the right people to the right homes. We provide qualitative superiority in sales, latest marketing and communication tools and visual excellence, and together with our customers we form an unbeatable team.

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역사적인 속성, 신조, 휴가 속성, 물가 등록, 스키 속성, Luxury Real Estate

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Snellman Sotheby's International Realty
Kasarmikatu 34
Helsinki, UA 00130 Finland

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