Marble Palace

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Marble Palace

Itäinen Puistotie 1, Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

An architectural masterpiece has been converted back into private residence

Marble Palace (”Marmoripalatsi”) was designed in 1916 and completed in 1918 by one of Finland’s most iconic architects, Eliel Saarinen. Today, this masterpiece from his classical phase has been converted back into its original purpose – a lavish private residence in Helsinki’s beautiful Kaivopuisto park. Housing four spacious new homes, each with their own individual character, it represents luxurious urban living unlike anywhere else in Finland.

More than just a place to live, Marmoripalatsi is a work of art in its own right.

Natural light complements the harmonious atmosphere

While the new apartments retain the palace’s distinguished ambience and stay true to Saarinen’s concept of distinct public and private sections, tremendous upgrades have taken place under the surface. The extensive restoration project by SARC Architects has brought the building to the 21st century, leveraging advanced building automation technology wherever needed to optimize heating, ventilation and cooling. Sustainable LED lighting and underground heat pipes to clear exterior walkways of snow and ice are but some of the contemporary comforts that take living at Marmoripalatsi to the next level.

The meticulous renovations have safeguarded the elegant ambience conceived by 20th century artists. Natural light complements the harmonious atmosphere showing the decorative details in their full glory. The bathrooms create a luminous marvel in marble.

Contemporary choices reflect and respect the past

At Marmoripalatsi, the kitchens pay homage to history of the building and early 20th century aesthetics, yet without replicating past times. Instead, they emphasize the signature style of each apartment, using materials and design elements to create a unique and harmonious result. Premium kitchen appliances by Gaggenau make versatile cooking supremely convenient.

Varied and attractive outdoor spaces complement Marmoripalatsi’s interior beautifully. The exquisite loggia, framed by original granite arches, adds Mediterranean charm to dinners under the evening sun. Every apartment enjoys a private patio, roof terrace, or one or more balconies overlooking the park.


A discreet yet spacious underground garage has been built next to the palace, reserving the overground space for its lush gardens. Sophisticated overhead LED lights over jet black concrete floors maintain the palace’s high design standards.
The eight private parking spaces are all equipped with electric charging stations to ensure your car is always ready for the next excursion. In winter, underground heat pipes clear the entrance ramp of ice and snow.

A dedicated storage unit behind each parking space adds yet another layer of everyday convenience. It offers an ideal place for keeping large items such as bikes, golf sets and ski equipment.

A wealthy industrialist’s dream dwelling reimagined for the 21st century

Marmoripalatsi was commissioned more than a century ago by the eminent ironworks owner August Keirkner and his wife Lydia Keirkner. The majestic retirement residence, then called Villa Keirkner, was also designed to showcase the couple’s invaluable art collection and host distinguished official gatherings. Sparing no expense, the Keirkners hired the most successful architect of their time, Eliel Saarinen, to design their dream dwelling.

As only the second such edifice in Helsinki, Marmoripalatsi had its entire facade clad in Förby marble from the Finnish archipelago.Protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency, it combines elements of classical, Viennese art nouveau, and Finnish national romanticist architecture into a holistic work of art. The historic beauty of Marmoripalatsi has now been lovingly restored with the highest quality materials, adding extraordinary elements of contemporary luxury.

The palace is now ready to welcome its next generation of residents.

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