Leadership Team

Dedicated and Experienced Leadership

We simply do more

  • Lucas B. Piatt
    Chief Executive Officer
    Lucas B. Piatt
  • Chris Dickson
    Chris Dickson
  • Jamie Dickson
    VP | Marketing & Agent Services
    Jamie Dickson
  • Mark Jennings
    EVP of Business Development
    Mark Jennings

Support Professionals

  • Anthony Luong
    Marketing Manager
    Anthony Luong
  • Liz Miles
    Public Relations & Social Media Specialist
    Liz Miles
  • Alex Hodowanec
    Marketing Graphic Design Specialist
    Alex Hodowanec
  • Emily Fitzgerald
    Marketing Coordinator
    Emily Fitzgerald
  • Tessa Helfer
    Marketing Assistant
    Tessa Helfer
  • Lesley VanVorce
    Manager - Transaction Coordination
    Lesley VanVorce
  • Sarah Schroeder
    Listing Coordinator
    Sarah Schroeder
  • David Cusick
    Transaction Coordinator
    David Cusick
  • Tiffany Butera
    Relocation & Network Referral Coordinator
    Tiffany Butera
  • Jill Johnson
    Executive Assistant
    Jill Johnson
  • Dana Rucker
    Transaction Concierge
    Dana Rucker
  • Laurita Kraski
    Executive Assistant
    Laurita Kraski
  • Elisabeth Touaboy
    Client Concierge
    Elisabeth Touaboy
  • Valarie Wichterman
    Accounting Manager
    Valarie Wichterman
  • Lauren Sivewright
    Lauren Sivewright
  • Kaley Wood
    Human Resources Generalist
    Kaley Wood

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